My College Project Marketing Video

Later tonight, my group and I will be present a project where we had to market a product we created.  We decided on a cotton candy Vodka called Cloud 9.

Now I cannot take credit for the video footage. My project cohort Kevin did that. I cut in the audio, added the subliminal words, and cut in our product on the last few frames (Which you cannot see on youtube to my annoyance).

Anyway, i'm kinda proud of it. Kevin used iMovie to cut the scenese together. I am a PC guy so I used Adobe Premeire to edit the video and add audio. I used a combination of Adobe Soundbooth and Audacity to cut the audio.  I also used the latest version of Gimp to edit the bottle in the last frame.

Also, I have a bunch of cuts with other music on my youtube channel:

Furthermore, if you aren't reading this at, you should be.

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