This lady is super pissed researchers are debating the G-spot

I saw this headline come across my newsreader and swore it had to be written by a man. Upon opening it I was surprised to find a rather disgruntled woman writing the article. I would think that most women would welcome research that can help them achieve more/alternate pleasure sexually. Maybe she is mad that she wasn't asked to be included in the study.

I also question the wisdom of having "researchers" trying to find the g-spot. Isn't that like intentionally calling the most inexperienced plumber to get the job done? The researchers have also pointed out that trying to find it in a research setting is like waiting for a pot to boil (aka a watched pot never boils).

Isn't also logical that since every woman is slighty different (no two people are exactly the same) that some women are blessed with a g-spot and some aren't. Anyone who argues that every vagina is the same and/or that all women work the same way sexually, is either a virgin or an idiot. Yes, biologically/physically there are very close similarities, every one is human, but that doesn't mean we are all exactly the same.

I also take issue of the author's statement:

The media simply adore the G-spot but reporters are reluctant to talk about the clitoris. Talking about real women's sexuality is icky and unladylike (and importantly, leaves out male presence and superiority) but the G-spot is exotic and encourages penile penetration, so let's focus on finding it!
First, for all general purposes, the clit is easy to find and is no mystery. Regardless of what your last girlfriend thinks about your abilities, there is nothing to more to research scientifically. Secondly, direct clitoral stimulation is painful for some women. Furthermore, some women can orgasm by being massaged, having their nipples sucked, or even anally.

Anyway, you should celebrate the mystery of the g-spot. If you find it, it's like a celebration for both you and your partner. As for me, I'm well versed. My research concludes that there is a g-spot. So take that researchers!

Original Article is here:Why We Really Need to Get Over the G-Spot | | AlterNet

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