News - NY, USA: Man mugs dog in US

Mugging a dog = funny. Here's some news, if your dog doesn't scare muggers away, it might be a hampster.

I sincerely want to believe one of the following scenarios. Either a homeless man needed a sweater for his penis or there is a vigilante dog sweater stealer that is going around giving dogs their dignity back.

On a more serious note, studies have shown that even a small dark barking can be an effective deterrent in preventing crime. Although, I would think studies would show that a tiny dogs bark, like this one, is only effective in giving people a headache. I know it's NY, so people may have just ignored the man mugging the dog, but a dog should be able to fight back.

Apparently, this dog was so spoiled, he has lost all his natural instincts. Kinda like any guy that is into Twilight, hehe. I am surprised that the lady tied her dog up outside. I figured "Lexie" would be purse carried, lol.

Personally, I like big dogs (Not HUGE...Daniel, hehe). I also prefer dogs that do not require a damn coat to go outside.

Original story: News - North America: Man mugs dog in US

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