How to fix a refrigerator that leaks water inside the main compartment

Do you have a fridge that leaks water inside the main refrigerator compartment? Does said fridge have a top mounted freezer?

If you said yes to both those questions, fixing it could be quite easy.

The way your fridge works is pretty simple.  You have a basically an air conditioner inside the freezer, it condensates, and the water is supposed to flow down a tube to the evaporator pan in the bottom of your fridge.

If you have water leaking inside your fridge, that condenser drain tube is probably frozen over.

To fix it you are going to have to defrost your fridge (aka unplug the thing) so have a good place for all you food.  You should be able to remove the bottom plastic piece fro your freezer with like 4 screws.  It should just slide out. You will be looking at a section underneath that has several fins.  This leads back to a section that should have a hole in it.  That is your condenser drain. 

You will probably see a bunch of ice underneath that piece you removed.  Clear out all the ice.  Mine came up pretty easy with a pocket knife (I use it for everything).  I cleared out the ice and let it defrost for a few hours. I recommend clearing out the ice so your evaporator pan doesn't over flow when the ice melts and the condenser drain unclogs.

So after a few hours of defrosting, you can dump like half a cup of warm water over the condenser drain.  If if disappears, your drain tube is unclogged.  You should be able to hear it travel down the tube and land in the evaporator pan. You may wanna try the warm water a couple times to make sure it doesn't back up.

You may also want to continue defrosting the fridge for several more hours to make sure the drain is completely clear.  Once it gets up to room temperature and you are positive the drain tube is clear, you should be able to get back to using your fridge without a leak.

That is all it took to fix mine.

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