Wine Trip With Megan

I wrote this all out of order. The pictures are in order reverse order, then I skip back to the paragraph to finish the trip. Not a fluid piece or writing here, but I don't think I even have an audience aside from myself. I forgive me, so i hope you do too.

We visited several other wineries on Saturday the 16th.

SandHill Winery, a extremely nice employee and an interesting building made for a wonderful visit. Definitely a place to sit and have a glass of wine while watching the sunset.

Single Tree Winery, had some very good wine. The lady tending to us was extremely pleasant. Definitely a good place to take a date to start off the night.

Our Last stop was JW Dover & Heartland Vineyards. We spoke with the wine maker and the marketing manager, sweet people. They were auditioning a performer for their live entertainment night while we tasted the wine which really added to the experience. They are one of the few mead producers in the state. We tasted the honey mead and it was quite good. All the wines we tasted I would recommend to a friend. Sadly, I left my list indicating my favorites on the bar when we left.

John Christ Winery: A very popular place on a Saturday night. This location also offered several pleasing wines. Some patron claiming to have invented the wine charm was annoying us, so we escaped to the the next winery.

Matus Winery at sunset. Fun place to visit. The had several nice medium-dry wines. There was a group of annoying tasters there simultaneous to us, so we did not stay to long to chat.

Quarry Hill Winery: This location is surrounded by orchards and vineyards. A must visit in the full bloom of spring. That is their dog to the right. I didn't catch his name, but he was a cutie. Quarry Hill had some seriously impressive fruit wines. Which makes sense because the place has fresh fruit and veggies everywhere. It really is quite an experience. The people there were very pleasant and welcoming. The apple wine and buckeye red were my two personal favorites out of the few we tasted. Though "favorite" is misleading because all the wines were most enjoyable.

First stop, Firelands Winery. very big place with good wine. Mapquest failed quite greatly getting us here. Mapquest is lame. Firelands had some very tasty product. It was hard to pinpoint a favorite, so I won't, hehe.

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Sweater Vest Styling

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This was as close as we got to Heinman Winery at Put-in-Bay. The Ferry ticket lady said the winery was closed.

We Did get to see the pretty sunset on Lake Erie.

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Winery at Versailles: They Hooked us up with ALOT of wine tastes. Very tasty product. This is were Jose surprised me with his ability to pick out the concord grape based wine out of all the ones we tasted. Go Jose!

Jose's action shot. Mission accomplished -- correct directions obtained.

Stoney Ridge Winery: Jose's first taste of Ice Wine. Mapquest failed to get us here which is why Jose had to ask for directions

Mon Ami Winery. We had a huge steak, a excellent potato, some tomatoes and cheese, wonderful bread with awesome butter, and half a bottle of wine each on top of our days worth of tasting.

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The Fat Bastard Shiraz 2002:

I bought this Shiraz and a Chardonnay by the same label spontaneously because of the label. The Fat bastard website says many people buy this wine for the label and return for the quality.

I love the deep red color. The tasting notes from the web site say: flavors of fresh-picked, ripe red berries. Smooth oak combines with a touch of spice for a spectacular Shiraz.

At first I didn't much like this wine. All I could really taste was the alcohol. Then I realized that it was cooler than it should have been. I let it oxygenate and reach room temperature and it was much tastier. Its quite peppery with a hint of berries. This would probably be pretty good with a big fat steak.

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Ohio Wine Cellar Christmas baskets....The first ever. Posted by Picasa

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Getting ready to work hard. Posted by Picasa

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Business time. Posted by Picasa

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Thats Dan's big ass dog Wagner towering over me. He's a sweetie. We were at the Furry Scurry in May of this year. Someone just sent me the pic. Posted by Picasa

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