The Fat Bastard Shiraz 2002:

I bought this Shiraz and a Chardonnay by the same label spontaneously because of the label. The Fat bastard website says many people buy this wine for the label and return for the quality.

I love the deep red color. The tasting notes from the web site say: flavors of fresh-picked, ripe red berries. Smooth oak combines with a touch of spice for a spectacular Shiraz.

At first I didn't much like this wine. All I could really taste was the alcohol. Then I realized that it was cooler than it should have been. I let it oxygenate and reach room temperature and it was much tastier. Its quite peppery with a hint of berries. This would probably be pretty good with a big fat steak.

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  1. Andi says:
    10:16 AM

    Sean is a wine lover too. I had never heard of Fat Bastard but I love fun names so, I think I'm gonna buy him a bottle for Valentines day... since you say it's good. I found a store near my house that sells it! Yay! Thanks! We are gonna have to come up and go on one of your wine tasting trips with y'all sometime.