My College Project Marketing Video

Later tonight, my group and I will be present a project where we had to market a product we created.  We decided on a cotton candy Vodka called Cloud 9.

Now I cannot take credit for the video footage. My project cohort Kevin did that. I cut in the audio, added the subliminal words, and cut in our product on the last few frames (Which you cannot see on youtube to my annoyance).

Anyway, i'm kinda proud of it. Kevin used iMovie to cut the scenese together. I am a PC guy so I used Adobe Premeire to edit the video and add audio. I used a combination of Adobe Soundbooth and Audacity to cut the audio.  I also used the latest version of Gimp to edit the bottle in the last frame.

Also, I have a bunch of cuts with other music on my youtube channel:

Furthermore, if you aren't reading this at, you should be.

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Stupid Local Wastes of Money: No Drugs or Weapons found at Springfield High School

This article makes it sound as if Springfield High is completely drug and weapon free.  What the article leaves out is that the "raid" was announced ahead of time on at least Channel 5 Springfield and probably other places.

They also didn't search the kids, just lockers and other student storage. Kind of a big-ass waste of money if you ask me.  It also gives people a false sense of security.  The article also doesn't tell us if the dogs gave any false positive reactions. Something that could give an idea on how man people had contraband in their locker, but moved it ahead of time.

Just another gov't waste of tax dollars in my opinion.

Original Article: On Springfield-News Sun

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Defining difference between Windows users & Mac users, funny.

This was also awesomely funny and must be shared.

The original source is here. Click on picture to view complete pic.
If you aren't reading this at, you should be.

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Pirated DVD vs Legal DVD, Funny

I got a kick out of this and wanted to share.
Original source is here. Click on the image to be able to view the whole thing.
If you aren't reading this at, you should be.

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Sick: Ohio rapist returns to movie with wife and kids

This is sick, in a bad way:

A 24-year-old Ohio man is accused of raping a woman at a movie theater under cover of a bathroom break — then returning to watch the rest of the movie with his wife and kids, reported.
Wife: Honey,  why do you smell like sweat and sex?
Rapist: This girl at the concession stand needed a big box of rape-inettes.

I'd like to say this guy is crazy for raping someone then going back to his wife n kids, but he must be partially sane.  He certainly didn't waste the 9 dollar movie ticket.

Original Article:Ohio Man Raped Woman in Theater, Kept Watching Movie, Police Say - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

If you aren't reading this at, you should be. 

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Do you watch these shows? What is your opinion?

Below is a list of my favorite show. Do you watch any of these?  

Which are your favorite and why?


South Park

My all-time favorite animation show. Crude, rude, and funny as hell.
I didn't really like American Dad at first. But it kinda grew on me.
It makes me laugh sometimes, so I still watch it.

Just came across Archer the other day. It is weird, but I laughed hard.

I almost can't stand this show, but almost once every episode a 
character says something that makes me burst out laughing.

Alot of people give this show crap, but I still find it quite funny.

A classic good for laughs show.


better off ted 

Another show I thought I would hate. Freaking love it. 


Community started kinda rough, but it has really grown on me. I think I like it because it sort of has a slower tempo than other shows. Plus it has Chevy Chase. You may think he isn't funny, but he plays the awkward old guy fantastically in this show. He really does have good comic timing.

modern family 

I hated this show at first. It has gotten quite funny. It's not the obscene humor like Family guy, but more of a situational, inter-personal funny.


This show is like Beavis & Butthead get jobs as medical test subjects. The humor is crude and no other show has made me laugh as hard as this one did. Plus the low budget just added to the awesomeness.

I loved this show immediately.  Not loving this last season though. All the new people through off the rhythm I was used to.

10 Items or Less

The pilot of this show was harsh to watch.  However, it grew fast on me and I really dig it. It's quite funny in an awkward way.  Plus my understanding is that the show is completely ad lib. They just have a rough idea of what the plot is, then the wing the rest. That's pretty freaking awesome.


Great chemistry between actors and good stories. Plus I like shows that wrap up the solution in one episode. They always do that.

burn notice 

I like the mix of humor and action in this show. It's got a good style. Plus they always blow stuff up.


Still not sure about this Caprica show.  Nothing is getting solved and I hate shows like that. I am about to stop watching.


I absolutely love this show. However, Dear writers, Chuck needs to hookup with Sarah or the new girl. Give the man some freaking action already.  Also, by now, Chuck should be getting quite confident with his skills, let him be more suave.


The only reason I watched this show is Miracle Laurie. I don't normally drool after actors, but damn this girl is the finest woman on TV. Anyone who says different can go die in a fire.

I came across this show one day when I needed to watch something. I was hooked instantly. Funny, smart, wraps up loose ends. Great show.

the forgotten 

I've always been a fan of Christian Slater so I gave this show a chance. It was decent. Pretty sure it is canceled now. Worth a watch on Hulu if you need new content.


This show started me on my sci-fi kick. It's a good, fun, smart show if you can accept that in TV land the scientific method takes 30 seconds and vaccines are released to the public with no lab trials. 

Everyone knows this show's formula. Doesn't matter, it is still a good time to watch.

human target 

This show is a fun action show. You gotta let go of reality to watch it, but it's fun. It's like watching a comic book hero in action.

lie to me 

This is one of the shows that is OK. I'm not to invested in the characters, but the story lines are usually amusing.


This is one of my all-time favorite shows. It's got decent action, its damn funny, the main characters are great together, and of course everything is wrapped up nicely in the end.

warehouse 13 

This was like Fringe meets X-files with a funny streak. I liked it. Apparently not to many other people did because it is now canceled.

white collar 

I didn't think I'd like this show, but I gave it a chance. It is entertaining enough. 


This show was pretty cool starting out. It has a very definite formula. The editing is sloppy and everything is over-dramatized. I do like seeing how each restaurant is tweaked in the end.

pressure cook 

This show is just fun.I am always entertained watching this guy try and earn his way home.

three sheets 

Best drinking education show ever!

There are a few other shows I loved to death that got canceled. Boston Legal is one, followed by Dead Zone, Lipstick Jungle, New Amsterdam, John Doe, Firefly, Raines, The Riches, My Own Worst Enemy, My Name is Earl, and Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles

If you aren't reading this at you should be. Please visit site to comment.

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Funny Typo: U.S. singer Madonna, right, and his boyfriend, Brazilian model ... - Yahoo! News Photos

Oops, Madonna is a man now? That certainly ruins some of my 80's memories lol.

"U.S. singer Madonna, right, and his boyfriend, Brazilian model Jesus Luz, attend a carnival parade at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, Sunday, Feb. 14, 2010"

Original link: U.S. singer Madonna, right, and his boyfriend, Brazilian model ... - Yahoo! News Photos:

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Hit-run victim takes up chase | | Cincinnati.Com

Summary: A hit-and-run vehicle accident on Saturday led to a chase, the victim ramming the other car three times and both drivers being charged, according to Middletown Police.

Commentary: Wow, this Gentry guy really over-reacted and he was old enough to know better. The article says Gentry will be charged with felonious assult, Mosier (the guy who originally struck Gentry's car) is walking away with a stop sign violation and reckless op.

So the lesson we learned today is that unnecessary vigilantism leads to jail. However, I know first hand there are crazies out there.

I rear-ended a guy who made an illegal turn while running away from an accident in Dayton in my Intrepid. Since he fled, I wasn't cited. My insurance company at the time was Progressive and they took real good car of my car. I even took it to Trimbach's. I have no idea how they matched the paint, but it looked like new after they were done.

Another time, A bunch of us were coming back from lunch while working at PB and as we were waiting to turn into the parking lot an on coming car came left of center. The driver of our car honked and the car swerved. We pulled into the parking lot and as we were almost in the spot, we heard a crunch and felt the car shift sideways. The guy we honked at had pulled a u-turn and come back to ram his car into ours. A screaming match ensued (it was another life lesson for me in not over-reacting). Anyway, eventually we got insurance info and took down his plate number. Luckily, we got the plate number because he had given us false insurance info. We called the cops, who quickly went to his house, and scared the hell out of him. The got the insurance info and we learned later that his claim was denied. While our driver's claim was approved. I think the driver pressed charges too, but I don't know if anything came of it.

Another time a friend of mine's work gate had been crashed over the weekend. The cops were able to take a little piece of bumper and track down the guy with no other info. Turns out it was some narcoleptic old man who over medicated and blacked out. Apparently the color & make of his car was rare for New Carlisle. They found him the same day it was reported.

If you read the comments on the site or on you'll find very little intellectual remarks. However, one person made a point that it is common for unlicensed, uninsured illegal aliens to purchase beater cars and abandon the cars after an accident. That is a pain in the butt, but if you are insured, you can get your car fixed. I learned after the hit-n-run I was involved in to keep my deductible to $100 or less just in case you are struck by an uninsured motorist. At least you won't be out of too much cash.

In all 3 scenarios above in the police officers did a great job of dealing with the problem. I don't get to say that very often. I still have a deep mistrust of the police and government, but those times were decent interactions.

Have you even been hit by an uninsured motorist, hit-n-run, or assulted by a road-raging psycho? Leave a comment to answer.

Original Article: Hit-run victim takes up chase | | Cincinnati.Com

If you aren't reading this on you should be.

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How to fix a refrigerator that leaks water inside the main compartment

Do you have a fridge that leaks water inside the main refrigerator compartment? Does said fridge have a top mounted freezer?

If you said yes to both those questions, fixing it could be quite easy.

The way your fridge works is pretty simple.  You have a basically an air conditioner inside the freezer, it condensates, and the water is supposed to flow down a tube to the evaporator pan in the bottom of your fridge.

If you have water leaking inside your fridge, that condenser drain tube is probably frozen over.

To fix it you are going to have to defrost your fridge (aka unplug the thing) so have a good place for all you food.  You should be able to remove the bottom plastic piece fro your freezer with like 4 screws.  It should just slide out. You will be looking at a section underneath that has several fins.  This leads back to a section that should have a hole in it.  That is your condenser drain. 

You will probably see a bunch of ice underneath that piece you removed.  Clear out all the ice.  Mine came up pretty easy with a pocket knife (I use it for everything).  I cleared out the ice and let it defrost for a few hours. I recommend clearing out the ice so your evaporator pan doesn't over flow when the ice melts and the condenser drain unclogs.

So after a few hours of defrosting, you can dump like half a cup of warm water over the condenser drain.  If if disappears, your drain tube is unclogged.  You should be able to hear it travel down the tube and land in the evaporator pan. You may wanna try the warm water a couple times to make sure it doesn't back up.

You may also want to continue defrosting the fridge for several more hours to make sure the drain is completely clear.  Once it gets up to room temperature and you are positive the drain tube is clear, you should be able to get back to using your fridge without a leak.

That is all it took to fix mine.

If you aren't reading this at you should be.

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California Cops actually making roads safer, nutjobs at take issue with it.

You probably assumed I picked this headline so I could bash on the police. This time you are wrong.

If you read the article, you know that CA police are on over time pay while working DUI check points. This could be something to get outraged over since they are on the city/state dime. However, since the check points are only for a few hours a night once every so often, how does their over time differ much from your over time? Granted, the check points sound awfully over staffed, so feel free to be out raged there.

Some issues I take with this writer are:
a.) If you think DUI check points are about safety, you are dumb.
b.) If you think DUI check points are only for nabbing drunk drivers, you are ignorant.
c.) If a city is 92% Hispanic, should Hispanics be referred to as minorities?
d.) Why should I care if the police are impounding unlicensed driver's vehicles? The roads are safer without them.
e.) If DUI check points net more unlicensed drivers than DUIs, shouldn't we call them something other than DUI check points?

What I don't understand is why can't cops impound a car in CA because the driver is unlicensed? I would think that an unlicensed motorist is just as dangerous (if not more) than a drunk driver. Especially since there seems to be way more illegal drivers than drunks on the road. Maybe instead of getting all outraged over the police impounding cars, CA should focus on changing the law to make the roads safer.

Stick around, I'm sure you will hear me bitch about speed limits that are too low and traffic cameras that cause more harm than good.

Original Article: California Cops Exploit DUI Checkpoints to Rake in Cash | Investigations | AlterNet

If you aren't reading this at you should be :)

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Controversial Ga. billboards link abortion, race and is stupid.

The first image is from the article I am about to discuss (original article link below). The rest are some I just grabbed off google image search. If you find nothing wrong with these billboards, then you must be a pro-lifer.  Only one of the billboards even shows a partially developed baby, the rest are healthy, well groomed babies whose parents were kind/cruel enough to take them to a photo shoot for a billboard.

Abortion is a hot issue.  It has been for as long as politics have invaded our sex lives. From what politicians and pro-lifers tell me, abortions are at an all-time high. Which actually isn't true (see graph below). Lets talk numbers for a minute.  Did you know that there are over 304 million humans in the US and that only 73.5 million of them are females of child bearing age (15-49 yrs old)? Were you aware that only 2% of the child bearing female population is likely to abort. If you are one of those people that only support abortion when the pregnancy is due to rape or incest, you have a tenth of a percent of the aborting population you are helping. The following graph puts that into a visual perspective for you.


So 98% of the US population will not be having an abortion.  Remember abortion is currently legal in our country.  So why is there so much damn outrage over this 2%? Well take a look at the billboards at the beginning of the post. Do you see an ugly embryo being aborted? No, you see cute babies and religious symbol.  Take a look at what is actually being aborted:

Not so cute huh? Also not nearly as develped as pro-lifers want you to believe. 89% of abortions take place at 3 months or less (12 weeks) according to this site: which also has lots of other good info. 

This graph shows us that the number of abortion is on the decline (up through '05 is the best I could find). 
Which I would love to say is due to better sex education throughout the country. However, This Time Magazine article suggests this anti-abortion guilt trips are working.  That is very sad. I still think the de-repression of sex and better sex education is the key to reducing unwanted pregnancies.  Unfortunately, pulic schools still seem to teach that abstinence is the only way to go.  Thankfully planned parenthood is still around to give out condoms. Shame on everyone that uses guilt, shame, and ignorance to try and solve the unwanted pregnancy issue.  The key is and always has been, better education.

Lastly, I wanted to point out in the linked article below, that the person who came up with the billboard (first pic in this post) is not a genius.  They are using the same crappy rhetoric as usual.  If that person was a genius and wanted to reach a wider audience, I suggest the following as the billboard (of course I designed it.)

If you aren't reading this post at you are missing out.

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News - NY, USA: Man mugs dog in US

Mugging a dog = funny. Here's some news, if your dog doesn't scare muggers away, it might be a hampster.

I sincerely want to believe one of the following scenarios. Either a homeless man needed a sweater for his penis or there is a vigilante dog sweater stealer that is going around giving dogs their dignity back.

On a more serious note, studies have shown that even a small dark barking can be an effective deterrent in preventing crime. Although, I would think studies would show that a tiny dogs bark, like this one, is only effective in giving people a headache. I know it's NY, so people may have just ignored the man mugging the dog, but a dog should be able to fight back.

Apparently, this dog was so spoiled, he has lost all his natural instincts. Kinda like any guy that is into Twilight, hehe. I am surprised that the lady tied her dog up outside. I figured "Lexie" would be purse carried, lol.

Personally, I like big dogs (Not HUGE...Daniel, hehe). I also prefer dogs that do not require a damn coat to go outside.

Original story: News - North America: Man mugs dog in US

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Write in your blogs! What is your Blog link? I've added a bunch of you.

I have been on a mission to support the blogs of everyone I know .  This is how I have been trying to find them.

Myspace: I imported every myspace friend's blog into my news reader the other day. That way I am immediately notified when new blog posts come through.

Facebook: I went though and looked at all my friends profiles for a blog link or email address.

From Email addresses: I set up a simple database with names and email addresses which I then used to retrieve results from potential blog results from google.  I search on the full email address and just the user name (Drop the @ and everythign after).  The results weren't exciting. I think I found like 4 or 5 extra blogs out of like 600 addresses.

Inquiring: I also sent out event invites on Myspace and Facebook asking for feedback on my new layout.  On that invite I specifically asked for the invitees blog address.  Hopefully, that will be more fruitful than the email search.

I need stuff to read, so get to writing, haha.

If you have a blog not listed to your right, please leave a comment with your link. I will subscibe and add you to my own blog roll :)

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I love Google Analytics

I'm a techie and understand that every IP address is traceable.  While I understand how Google Analytics works, I still get a huge kick out of the map overlay section. I love that it can tell me down to the city the originating locale of my traffic. Since I am a very small little blog, I can definitely tell which friends are reading and which aren't.  Some location aren't surprising (like Dayton/Springfield), some locations are quite a surprise. I've gotten hits in California from San Francisco to LA. I only have like 3 friends in CA and one that I know specifically is in LA (Hi Amy). Thanks for the love Southern half of CA. I've even started getting more foreign hits. Germany, India, China, etc; of course those may be the same locations that spammed me the other day.

Furthermore, I find the referring sites section extremely interesting. I have gotten a couple of surprises there. A nice web design site called has sent me some traffic.  I haven't figured out why yet as I don't see any links to my blog or anything.  Regardless, thanks :)

I wanted to write this to let Google know I appreciate their tools.  They have taken quite a beating in the media about their Google Buzz social networking app. While I haven't used it but for 2 seconds, I still love Gmail, Google Docs, Analytics, Reader, and Blogger.  I am also looking forward to seeing how Google works out the whole book scanning, giant digital library scheme. That should be cool.

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My Blog was spammed yesterday, Sorry for the 3 product post.

My Blog was spammed yesterday. Sorry for the 3 product post. I did recommend the Dell that was on sale.  However, the 3 post after that were nothing I recommended.

The spam came in via blogger's email blog posts function.  I did have it enabled so that I could use to connect my Myspace blog to Blogger.  However, I have disabled that feature now.

After that spam showed up, interesting traffic showed up in my Google Analytics (Web Traffic Monitoring) reports.  I got my first ever international hits.  I got one from Germany, Indonesia, and India.  I have no doubt that computers in those countries participated in spamming me.  So the lesson here is if you use Blogger's email function, make sure it is a super unique email address.  Apparently mine was not.

On another note, I look through over 1,000 headlines today and saw nothing that motivated me to want to report it to you.  So apparently it was a boring news day.

I am always looking for new sites to check out, blogs to read, and bands to listen. So if you have a suggestion, even if it is you site, blog, band, leave a link in the comments. :)

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Dell has a great price on a decent PC for all those who are short on $$ and need a new PC

Anyone looking for a decent low cost PC system, may wanna check out the deal Dell has going on this unit today. It is $299 plus $13 shipping.
The Dell Online Store: Build Your System

Here are the specs:

Also Includes
Dell 7 in 1 Media Card Reader
Integrated Stereo Audio with 5.1ch digital output (S/P DIF)
Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 9.0 Multi-Language
Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet

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Dayton: Traffic cameras step closer to catching speeders, too

I'm thoroughly disgusted that gov't officals still feel like red light /speed cameras are a valid option. I am also upset that people don't understand your rights. Do not pay these tickets. The worst that will happen to you is you may get send to collections. Redflex is in charge of collecting the money, nothing goes on your driving record, and Dayton gets a $30 kick back from each paid ticket. In Ohio any traffic violation must be witnessed by a police officer and that officer must cite you in person. Boo hiss, down with traffic cams.

If you are a camera supporter read these articles:

Traffic Cameras increase accidents

Seattle Red Light Camera Issuing Illegal Tickets

Arizona Official Confirms Redflex Falsified Speed Camera Documents

Paradise Valley to reimburse 1,000 cited by traffic camera

City Refunds $1 Million in Red Light Fines – Are Other Cities Also at Fault?

Original article: Traffic cameras step closer to catching speeders, too:

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This lady is super pissed researchers are debating the G-spot

I saw this headline come across my newsreader and swore it had to be written by a man. Upon opening it I was surprised to find a rather disgruntled woman writing the article. I would think that most women would welcome research that can help them achieve more/alternate pleasure sexually. Maybe she is mad that she wasn't asked to be included in the study.

I also question the wisdom of having "researchers" trying to find the g-spot. Isn't that like intentionally calling the most inexperienced plumber to get the job done? The researchers have also pointed out that trying to find it in a research setting is like waiting for a pot to boil (aka a watched pot never boils).

Isn't also logical that since every woman is slighty different (no two people are exactly the same) that some women are blessed with a g-spot and some aren't. Anyone who argues that every vagina is the same and/or that all women work the same way sexually, is either a virgin or an idiot. Yes, biologically/physically there are very close similarities, every one is human, but that doesn't mean we are all exactly the same.

I also take issue of the author's statement:

The media simply adore the G-spot but reporters are reluctant to talk about the clitoris. Talking about real women's sexuality is icky and unladylike (and importantly, leaves out male presence and superiority) but the G-spot is exotic and encourages penile penetration, so let's focus on finding it!
First, for all general purposes, the clit is easy to find and is no mystery. Regardless of what your last girlfriend thinks about your abilities, there is nothing to more to research scientifically. Secondly, direct clitoral stimulation is painful for some women. Furthermore, some women can orgasm by being massaged, having their nipples sucked, or even anally.

Anyway, you should celebrate the mystery of the g-spot. If you find it, it's like a celebration for both you and your partner. As for me, I'm well versed. My research concludes that there is a g-spot. So take that researchers!

Original Article is here:Why We Really Need to Get Over the G-Spot | | AlterNet

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Before you buy an iPad, this is how much the mark-up is on each,iSuppliEstimates.aspx

Not a bad profit for Apple huh?

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10 Items or Less Dance Scene. I'm loving this show.

I didn't think I would like this show. But I am loving it.

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2 images I want to share

First, it appears that liquor sales and unemployment go hand in hand. I am sure this is a nation (if not global) trend.

Second, this is an actual billboard out in AK. I just want to say that, no, I do not miss this guy. Worst President Ever!

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Ohio lawmakers work to dump driver late fees -

Ohio lawmakers work to dump driver late fees -

The first time I heard about this was through an email forward and I thought it was a hoax. I soon found out it was not a hoax. I am quite glad to know our State gov't is actually listening to the people...or at least trying to do so.

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Our Democracy No Longer Works and the Problem Is Congress | News & Politics | AlterNet

Our Democracy No Longer Works and the Problem Is Congress | News & Politics | AlterNet

Normally, I disagree with most everything on this site. I found this to be a reasonably well written article with which I can agree to most of what the author says. It is like he kinda read my mind...without the cursing and fist slamming.

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VAT Trap: The inevitable fix for the deficit - Feb. 8, 2010

VAT Trap: The inevitable fix for the deficit - Feb. 8, 2010

If our government dumped income tax, I could go for a Value Add Tax. I will certainly resist if they plan on adding this on top of income taxes. What do you think?

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Stop 11 Hidden Security Threats

Stop 11 Hidden Security Threats

Highlights of Good Ideas from this Article:
-Unshorten Shortened URLs
-Watch your Privacy Online
-Careful of Adware, Scareware, Malware, etc
-Be wary of unsolicited text messages
-Protect your laptop in case it is lost Stolen
-Not all wi-fi signals are your friend
-Backup your damn data

See I shorted it to 7 good points for you ;)

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Stupid Myspace Update! Share on Myspace posts only to stream

Basically I have given up on having my blogspot blog auto-feed to myspace. Now yesterday I was using a bookmarklet that allows you to click it on any page and add it to 1 of several different places, including my myspace blog.

Today, the feature was "updated" aka broken aka crippled.  Now you can only post stuff to your stream. This is the Myspace Faq briefly explaining it. I am growing increasingly irritated that I cannot use the Myspace blog like I want.  It is one of the few things I like about it over facebook (of course facebook updated today (do not like) and is lagging like an old lady carrying buckets of water up a hill).

Come on Myspace! As a site that came of age because of creative people, you sure are hampering our ability to be creative.

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Virus Comes Back From Dead to Hit Hard Drives - - Business Technology Leadership

Virus Comes Back From Dead to Hit Hard Drives - - Business Technology Leadership:

Quick highlights:
-Old Virus used as prank, escaped into the wild
-Travels via USB drives and infected web sites
-Wipes MBR (Master Boot Record) Rendering drive useless to general users.
-Another good reason to run Anti-virus (Avast or AVG) and Spyware (Spybot or Ad-Aware).

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Ship disguised as island Boing Boing

Ship disguised as island via Boing Boing

"This camouflaged Dutch ship successfully disguised itself as a small tropical island and avoided the Japanese Navy after the Battle of the Java Sea." See link for full story

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Entire Jon Stewart Interview -

Entire Jon Stewart Interview -

This is an unedit interview between Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly. I have always been entertained Jon Stewart and have never like Bill O'Reilly. Actually, I despise all Fox news people/commentators (and most other channel's news staff for that matter). It amuses me greatly that Jon Stewart, someone who came up as a comedian, is more aware of social issues and how the gov't works than Bill O'Reilly, someone who came up as a news commentary prick. I still don't understand how anyone can believe anything on Fox news.

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Questions and answers on Ohio's passenger train -

Anyone else excited about the idea of being able to take a train to Cincinnati or Columbus? This article is a nice Q&A about the future train:Questions and answers on Ohio's passenger train -

My concerns are that the stops won't be anywhere near where I would like to patron and that it will end up being more of a hassle than driving. Also, the Q&A says it would take 6.5 hours to go from Cincinnati to Cleveland. That's about 2.5 hours longer than it would take me to drive there. I'm assuming that will be at the 79MPH the initial train will go. Personally, I don't have much use for going to Cleveland. However, giving the right circumstances, I would take a train to Cincinnati or Columbus. $18 bucks is worth it to avoid the traffic jams and parking fees associated with going to a Reds or Bengals game.

This train is a great idea. I would probably visit Cincy and Columbus more if I didn't have to drive (They are really boring, congested drives). I certainly hope the bureaucrats don't screw it up. It could be a huge waste of money if the stops are in retarded places and the travel times are over extended.

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Your iPhone's Dirty Little Security Secret - Network World

ShmooCon: Your iPhone's Dirty Little Security Secret
- Network World


ShmooCon: Your iPhone's Dirty Little Security Secret

By Bill Brenner, CSO
February 07, 2010 10:31 AM ET
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We've heard much about how our PCs and laptops can be compromised through malware and insecure wireless access points and often comfort ourselves with the knowledge that our smart phones are safe from such things.

But the smarter these phones become, the more susceptible they become to those same dangers, and more."

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Dangers of Farmville and the like.

ShmooCon: Inside FarmVille's Sinister Underbelly
- Network World

"You see it all the time on Facebook: A friend moving on up in FarmVille. Another friend trying to expand his posse in Mafia Wars. Everyone thinks of them as harmless third-party applications, free from the crooks and cooks of cyberspace.

Unfortunately, that's not the case."

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Wasteful Spending & Devious Gov;t behavior: $7million DUI tests little used | Columbus Dispatch Politics

$7million DUI tests little used | Columbus Dispatch Politics Please read this article. This may be something you need to know. If not, knowing that our state spent alot of money on unproven devices and that the state is rolling them out in a quietly devious manner, is also important.

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Cross Posting social networks part 2: Lessons Learned

So I've learned a few things about cross posting to multiple social networking services.  Last time I wrote about cross posting I billed Windows Live Writer with the xPollinate add-in as a cure all.

Well that methodology left me with a bunch of duplicate posts and I was only able to update my blog from the 1 PC I had installed Live Writer on.  Don't get me wrong, Live Writer is a good app, but I use multiple computers and prefer to work in the cloud.

I have been tweaking my various social networking sites trying to figure out the best method (with the least effort) to update all my social networking sites at once, with out duplicates, with little to no intervention on my part except an initial blog post or status update.

Here is the configuration I finally came up with.

  1. Post new content to Blogspot (using Blog This bookmarklet in Chrome, Send To in Google Reader, the Blogspot website, or via Email). 
  2. After configuration will post RSS feeds from Blogspot to a designated spot. 
    1. I set up a separate feed to for micro-blogs and blogs. I deleted the one I had setup for Statuses as it was giving me double posts.
  3. is an option on twitterfeed, so I used it to notify all my social sites of a new blog post.
    1. I had to turn blogger (aka blogspot) off in, so that when I update my status via SMS, I don't get double posts when twitterfeed updates from blogspot.
I'm always toying with this stuff, so I will write an update if I find a better way to cross post.

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Dilbert Comic for February 7, 2010

Comic for February 7, 2010: This made me laugh super hard. Sometimes the pointy haired boss makes sense.



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I-675 closed for 5 hours due to power line down; power restored to most of Centerville

I-675 closed for 5 hours due to power line down; power restored to most of Centerville: "All lanes of Interstate 675 were closed for five hours after a power line went down across the highway around 12:05 a.m."

very glad I moved North and didn't have to use 675 yesterday.

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Hackers Wield Newest IE Exploit in Drive-By Attacks - - Business Technology Leadership

This is for those people who have no head about this already. Scary stuff. If you are using Internet Explorer version 6. You need to upgrade immediately. Check out the article for details: Hackers Wield Newest IE Exploit in Drive-By Attacks - - Business Technology Leadership You can get the newest IE version here. Personally, I haven't used IE in a long time. I have been migrating from Firefox to Chrome here lately. Chrome seems to run much faster then Firefox. However, the add-on extensions for Chrome just aren't there yet. If you are used to IE, Firefox will seem like a race car. If you switch to Chrome for IE, Chrome will feel like a rocket ship.

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I laugh at Apple because iPad hype drives away consumers(per survey)

I have never been a fan of Apple. I have the strong opinion that apple computers are mostly re-branded, over-priced hardware with to many software limitations. I despise the idea that to have an iPhone I'd have to be locked to AT&T or jailbreak it to take it to another carrier (and pay a non-carrier-subsidized price). And the iPods would be cool if they allowed free sharing of music the way non-apple music players do. However, I must say I was intrigued by the sound of the iPad. I have wanted an affordable tablet PC since I first heard about them back in the 90's (aka slate computers - a quick history) . However, after reading Apple's iPad specs, I just laughed. Anyone who buys the iPad is a moron. There are plenty more current choices with a whole bunch more features, larger hard disks, bigger screens, longer battery life, and several other pros. Hopefully, this is true: iPad hype drives away consumers, survey says: "After the over-the-top hype met the reality of Apple's iPad, a majority of consumers decided they wouldn't buy the new device, a survey published today said."

Personal, I would buy one of these HP Tablet/laptop if I had the money. Please watch this demo then just try and tell me it doesn't kick the iPad's ass.

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I just found a Sept 1999 Brown Sugar porn mag stuffed under the bathroom sink of my new place. It's not in spank worthy condition. Previous owner used it well.

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News Commentary & A Few Movie Reviews


Pet Owner Killed by Dogs After Saving Them

Commentary: I really would prefer to read about someone’s cats doing this.  it is well known that I hate cats and like dogs.  I am saddened to hear the doggies weren’t grateful for being saved. Bad Dogs!



100+ old  whiskey found on ice in Antarctica

Commentary: I bet this is some nice ice cold whiskey. I would be stoked to find a bottle of whiskey, let alone have it be of some historical significance, and be something that can make me feel warm in Antarctica. I would definitely write it down as divine intervention, haha.


Fake Cisco equipment gets Chinese man 30 months in prison.

Commentary: I’ve heard of this happening more and more. It is annoying and should make businesses weary of using just the lowest cost provider for their equipment.  Here is an excellent article about how to spot fake Cisco equipment. 



Review: I liked this movie. It was action packed and kept my attention.  It is not really a date movie unless your date likes action movies.



Review: Like I can say anything bad about Harry Potter. Oh wait, I hated where this movie ended.  However, I was entertained and can’t complain otherwise.

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