ICVERIFY 4.0 - user manager - admin password issues

I am posting this because I couldn't find a solution to the problem online while I was working with ICVERIFY 4.0.  It is a relatively dated program used to process credit cards.  Basically it is just a GUI on top of a few SQL databases.

In the past, if some one changed or lost the admin password to the user manager and forgot it, deleting the UserDB files from the SQL directory and reinstalling the app cured the problem.

However, yesterday, I was doing a new install on a XP machine. I choose a custom user name and password for ICVERIFY, as is an option, then completed the install.  When I went to open ICVERIFY, it thew back an error saying invalid user name password. After making sure I wasn't making a typo, I tried the default password and it didn't work.  Neither password would let me into User Manager either.

So I did as above, deleted the database files, uninstalled user manager, rebooted, then reinstalled. I tried to let it use the default login info this time.  I kept getting errors saying invalid login basically.

There was a great deal of trial and error after that.  I won't go into it.  However, my fix is the following: Uninstall ICVerify, User Manager, and the MSDE.  Go into Windows Explorer and delete the ICverify data, and the SQL data.  Use Regedit, to remove any instance of ICVERIFY, UserDB, and the SQL path.

Now, I was using a user account that was set as a local admin.  But after removing all that info, I went into my actual local admin account and reinstalled everything.  Worked fine for all users on the machine after that.

Last note, don't bother with calling their tech support line anymore.  I called today and once about 3 years ago.  Prior to today, I got a English speaking person who was well acquainted with the software and solved my problem quite quick. Today, the tech support number got me to what was obviously a 3rd party, English as a second language shop. Dude actually made it worse poking around turning off services and crap.  When he couldn't solve the problem, he gave me the "Oh you don't have a 2nd tier support contract, please buy one to continue" speech.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone out there.

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Have old Books, VHS, DVD, CDs, Cassettes, or computers you need to get rid of?

Do you have old Books, VHS, DVD, CDs, Cassettes, or computers you need to get rid of?

I have been involved with book redistribution/recycling most recently.  But I can also make sure other old media you want out of your house gets the love it deserves.  It won't end up trashed or pulped (unless it's authored by Rush Limbaugh).  I'm happy to come pick it up if you are in a 60 mile radius from  me (Springfield-ish area).

I can also make sure your old computer gets either a new life or properly recycled.

Let me know if you have some stuff you don't want.  I love transforming unwanted items into a good day for someone. :)

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Did you notice

Did you notice that I added some tabs right below my logo on this site.  I recently started selling books on Amazon.com and am still selling on cafepress.com.  I also have books to trade on swaptree.com and titletrader.com.  I have added links to each of those in that section.  Please check them out.  If you are a member of any of those, leave your link in the comments :)

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Shooting - Antique Shotguns and 22's

I went shooting last week.  My dad gave me an old 22 single shot rifle and I've been dying to see how it shoots. My cousin Steve and I loaded up a small arsenal in my trunk and headed over to Vandalia Tactical.  Between us we had 3 old rifles/shotguns, a derringer, and a compact 25. Vandalia Tactical is a really nice range.  They have a load of guns, ammo, and accessories for sale.  They are not the cheapest on ammo. Can't blame them though, if I had a range, I'd make sure my prices were higher on ammo too. They weren't super high, maybe a dollar 2 or higher than elsewhere.  It did make us decide not to shoo the two 25 caliber hand guns we brought with us.

Also, if you need pink 38 rounds, they have them.  Yes, I said pink. Nothing pisses off a macho bad guy more than getting snuffed by a girlied-up bullet.  Although, putting pink on a 38 round is like putting a dress on a MMA champ. All looks aside, it'll still take you out.

Having never shot a shot gun, I wanted to have at those first. I'm a pretty good shot, even with the first round.  There is a definite difference in kick between the short brass and the long brass cartridges.  Couldn't tell a difference in the carnage to the target though.  We shot a single shot and a 4 +1 pump shotgun.  The single shot was an antique in that it was over 30 years old.  It kicked like an angry mule, but was accurate as hell.

We moved to our antique 22 next. His was a store branded Mauser and mine was a Sears & Roebuck branded rifle. Both shot really well.  They were like cap guns compared to the shotguns. I was more accurate with mine (even though it hadn't been fired downrange in 30+ years) because it was a slightly shorter and easier to wield barrel. Both had excellent grouping (for my shooting skill), but the sights were a bit.  We were both glad they didn't blow up in our faces.

The old shot gun left a huge bruise on my shoulder though.  It was worth  it.  The whole day was fun.

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Attack of the lady bugs

My place has an enclosed front patio that leads to the front door. Yesterday, As I was leaving to run errands, I noticed hundreds (no exaggeration) of lady bugs on the walls and ceiling of my enclosed patio.  It was quite a sight.  A creepy sight.

Luckily, I had a spare bug bomb.  I had been away all day and came home to find them all all the ground.  The bug bomb worked. I feel kind of guilt of lady bug genocide. I will have to vacuum the up tomorrow.

I did snap a pic when I got home.  It kind of sucks, but:
You really can't see the sheer number of them.  There are probably 5 every square inch.   There are all basically in a 5 foot by 6 foot area. so thats like 1800 lady bugs. (5*6*12*5).  That translates into a bunch of vacuuming.

I can only imagine it was the warm weather yesterday (Wednesday) as they were not there Tuesday.

Any thing weird like this happen to you?

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Stand By Me - the 30 Yr old version

After all the rain and snow melting, most of us in the area noticed the Mad River at significant levels.  Some of the carnage from high, fast water is big log jams. I had been driving past one near Aaron's Canoes (off upper Valley) for a couple of days and wanted to check it out. Daniel and Dusty were there with me.  It just so happened the log jam wasn't as interesting as the bridge it collected around.

The pictures don't do the size of the jam justice.  It was not however, as interesting as the abandoned railroad bridge the logs had clumped upon.

This is the entrance to the bridge
Just past the overgrowth, you see this. Notice the missing ties, slippery moss, and rotted wood ties.
This is our Stand By Me shot
And onto the tracks we go. I enthusiastically led the way, like a dumbass.

This is about halfway. We had already encountered severely loose boards, ties so rotted the squished under your step, slippery moss, and missing ties.

However, we were all surprised to see this:

It is a memorial to someone who died there.  It is a little caboose and a crayon colored picture of St. Mary with a poem/prayer on it.  It was definitely creepy.  Especially on the grey, rainy day we chose. It is easy to see how someone falling off the bridge could get caught up in the debris.  It is also easy to see how someone with smaller feet than me could tumble over.  Especially, if they were as fearless of a teenager as I was.

I certainly felt more respect for the situation than I would have 10 years ago.  I also put more stress on the rotten ties than I would have 10 years ago...damn donuts.

This is us heading back as the rain picked up.  You can't tell from the picture, but it's a longer walk than it looks.

These were all taken with my cell phone. I'm really glad I didn't drop it.

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Buck Creek Springfield Kayak Playground = Cool

So after Hooters Dan said we should go checkout the kayak playground being built in Springfield. I guess they have built one of several play spots so far.   This one is behind the Springfield Art Museum (Yeah, I didn't know they had one either).  We didn't have our kayaks with us, so we didn't get to play. Plus it was cold.

The pictures don't do it much justice.  The first slope goes into a hydraulic that was bigger than I expected.
These pics are of that.

This pic shows the slope into the hydraulic and the eddy that follows.  I am standing next to the 2nd slope into another smaller hydraulic.

It's a 6-8 foot slope at approximately 30 degrees into about a 3 foot tall hydraulic.  It looks like so much fun.

This is to give you some sense of perspective. I'm standing at the top of the slope.

This is the 2nd hydraulic. It is only about a foot or so high with a smaller lead in slope. there is also a decent sized eddy beyond it.  The next, unfinished part is just down the river a bit.

I was quite impressed.  I am also going to have to get a whitewater kayak to play in it. My touring/fishing kayak would probably flip in the first hydraulic.  I did notice a decent amount of trash swirling around in the backwater between the eddy and the faster water to the next slope.  I hope there are volunteers to clean that up.  It could become gross real quick.  Furthermore I hope people respect the area enough to keep trash out of the water.

I applaud Springfield and the efforts of everyone involved. I certainly hope to get out to it and play around.

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Daniel 32nd B-day at Hooters

Just wanted to post some embarrassing photos of Daniel getting sung too at Hooters.  The sweet girls there made him some balloon hooters and made him shake them while they sang.  It was quite funny!.

Happy Birthday buddy. Glad it was hooterific.

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Healthcare related Non-cash charges in the news, quick explanation. Total corporate BS.

So if you have read or sen the news lately, you have heard about the companies taking a non-cash charge as a result of the healthcare reform bill.  The way this is worded is to intentionally mislead you into thinking this is a bad thing.  At first glance (or vocalization), it sounds like healthcare is costing these companies revenue.  That's not exactly the case.

For those who want to know what a non-cash charge is, from investopedia.com:

A charge off, made by a company against earnings, that does not require an initial outlay of cash.  Non-cash charges are typically against the depreciation, amortization, and depletion accounts on a company's balance sheet. Companies take these charges against earnings due to extraordinary circumstances such as accounting policy changes or significant depreciation of asset's market value. Any sort of charge will usually result in lower earnings in the period when the charge was made. Sometimes also referred to as a write down.
So basically, they are taking a huge upfront expense. Yes, it lowers the earning. It is intentional. Lower earnings means less taxes to pay.  I have a hard time believing the amount of money companies are posting as non-cash charges are nearly as big as they state.  My gut feeling is that these companies are taking full advantage of a new law that has unclear business repercussions.  Please don't feel sorry or worried about these companies. My understanding is that most companies won't feel the effect of health care reform until at least two years down the road.

Maybe we should worry about companies not smart enough to game the system. As we shouldn't be surprised that big companies don't like to pay taxes.  Even though if they played straight, the extra tax revenue could really help the country.

My basic point here is these non-cash charges are strategic moves by these companies, not indicators that the sky is falling.

FYI, some of the companies the have huge write downs are:
Ingersoll : 41 million
AT&T: 1 Billion
Honeywell: 13 Million
3M: 90 Million 
Boeing: 150 Million
AK Steel: 31 Million

I don't know the corporate tax rate for those companies, but these write downs cost the USA taxes on 1.325 Billion dollars. I'm sure that would've helped more than my measly amount.

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Quick note.

Please notice that I added some tabs right below my logo on this site.  I recently started selling books on Amazon.com and am still selling on cafepress.com.  I also have books to trade on swaptree.com and titletrader.com.  I have added links to each of those in that section.  Please check them out.  If you are a member of any of those, leave your link in the comments :)

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