Attack of the lady bugs

My place has an enclosed front patio that leads to the front door. Yesterday, As I was leaving to run errands, I noticed hundreds (no exaggeration) of lady bugs on the walls and ceiling of my enclosed patio.  It was quite a sight.  A creepy sight.

Luckily, I had a spare bug bomb.  I had been away all day and came home to find them all all the ground.  The bug bomb worked. I feel kind of guilt of lady bug genocide. I will have to vacuum the up tomorrow.

I did snap a pic when I got home.  It kind of sucks, but:
You really can't see the sheer number of them.  There are probably 5 every square inch.   There are all basically in a 5 foot by 6 foot area. so thats like 1800 lady bugs. (5*6*12*5).  That translates into a bunch of vacuuming.

I can only imagine it was the warm weather yesterday (Wednesday) as they were not there Tuesday.

Any thing weird like this happen to you?

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