Shooting - Antique Shotguns and 22's

I went shooting last week.  My dad gave me an old 22 single shot rifle and I've been dying to see how it shoots. My cousin Steve and I loaded up a small arsenal in my trunk and headed over to Vandalia Tactical.  Between us we had 3 old rifles/shotguns, a derringer, and a compact 25. Vandalia Tactical is a really nice range.  They have a load of guns, ammo, and accessories for sale.  They are not the cheapest on ammo. Can't blame them though, if I had a range, I'd make sure my prices were higher on ammo too. They weren't super high, maybe a dollar 2 or higher than elsewhere.  It did make us decide not to shoo the two 25 caliber hand guns we brought with us.

Also, if you need pink 38 rounds, they have them.  Yes, I said pink. Nothing pisses off a macho bad guy more than getting snuffed by a girlied-up bullet.  Although, putting pink on a 38 round is like putting a dress on a MMA champ. All looks aside, it'll still take you out.

Having never shot a shot gun, I wanted to have at those first. I'm a pretty good shot, even with the first round.  There is a definite difference in kick between the short brass and the long brass cartridges.  Couldn't tell a difference in the carnage to the target though.  We shot a single shot and a 4 +1 pump shotgun.  The single shot was an antique in that it was over 30 years old.  It kicked like an angry mule, but was accurate as hell.

We moved to our antique 22 next. His was a store branded Mauser and mine was a Sears & Roebuck branded rifle. Both shot really well.  They were like cap guns compared to the shotguns. I was more accurate with mine (even though it hadn't been fired downrange in 30+ years) because it was a slightly shorter and easier to wield barrel. Both had excellent grouping (for my shooting skill), but the sights were a bit.  We were both glad they didn't blow up in our faces.

The old shot gun left a huge bruise on my shoulder though.  It was worth  it.  The whole day was fun.

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