Buck Creek Springfield Kayak Playground = Cool

So after Hooters Dan said we should go checkout the kayak playground being built in Springfield. I guess they have built one of several play spots so far.   This one is behind the Springfield Art Museum (Yeah, I didn't know they had one either).  We didn't have our kayaks with us, so we didn't get to play. Plus it was cold.

The pictures don't do it much justice.  The first slope goes into a hydraulic that was bigger than I expected.
These pics are of that.

This pic shows the slope into the hydraulic and the eddy that follows.  I am standing next to the 2nd slope into another smaller hydraulic.

It's a 6-8 foot slope at approximately 30 degrees into about a 3 foot tall hydraulic.  It looks like so much fun.

This is to give you some sense of perspective. I'm standing at the top of the slope.

This is the 2nd hydraulic. It is only about a foot or so high with a smaller lead in slope. there is also a decent sized eddy beyond it.  The next, unfinished part is just down the river a bit.

I was quite impressed.  I am also going to have to get a whitewater kayak to play in it. My touring/fishing kayak would probably flip in the first hydraulic.  I did notice a decent amount of trash swirling around in the backwater between the eddy and the faster water to the next slope.  I hope there are volunteers to clean that up.  It could become gross real quick.  Furthermore I hope people respect the area enough to keep trash out of the water.

I applaud Springfield and the efforts of everyone involved. I certainly hope to get out to it and play around.

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