Dear Daniel, this article is for you.

My friend Daniel thinks poop and farts are the funniest thing on the planet. Other than stupid people getting schooled, I tend to agree.  This article is for you Daniel. Go ahead, Click the link already.

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Anyone Else addicted to Territory War Online?

The game Territory War Online is a simple turn based stick figure assault. You build your team very simply by picking names and hats. Then you play against other people worldwide while trying to eliminate their stick figure team first. It amuses me greatly.  Anyone else play? What's your handle?

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My Art: Abstracts

Let me preface these photos with a few things:
1.) The photographs aren't great. I had to use a flash
2.) The flash hides alot of the finer details, color,  and texture
3.) They were made specifically for the wall/room I am hanging them in.
4.) Please ask questions or leave opinions in the comment section

These first 2 took decent pics. There is still alot of detail missing from the pics.

The flash really took out some detail and hides the texture.

You really can't see the details of the colors due to the flash.

These next two are still drying, so I will have to show them off once they are on the walls.
I like how this one turned out. I was worried while it was wet because the colors weren't layering like I wanted. It is really going to look on my wall.

The flash really distorted this one.  The reds are hidden and so is the texture. Will report once it's dry and on the wall.

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Question: Local artists, where is the best place to get supplies?

Dear Springfield/Dayton/New Carlisle artists,

Where do you find the best prices on art supplies?  Specifically, Stretched Canvas framed around wood, acrylic paint, spray paint, and oil paint.

I have found 18" x 24" stretched canvas at Big Lots for $7. Smaller sizes are cheaper. I'm no expert, but they work great for me.  Anyone know where to get them cheaper?  I don't really want to make them myself.

I get spray paint at Walmart or Meijer.  It's a couple bucks a can I think.

I haven't really found a spot for quality discount acrylics/oils.  Any ideas?

Please comment with your thoughts/info.

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New Carlisle, OH McDonald's sucks after 11:30pm-ish

I have pulled up to the drive-thru at the New Carlisle McDonalds after 1130pm about 3 times over the last month.  It is a 24 hour, 7 days a week facility. All three visits, varying in time from 1130pm to 230am, I was told they were accepting cash only.  I was also told they stop serving ice cream and shakes after midnight.  Furthermore, the employees have some attitude.

I was willing to write off the cash only as maybe running the daily reports. The more I thought about it, the more I realized McDonald's is to smart to have a system that needs to be taken down to close out the day.  Computers would just need the date/time stamp and the associated data.  The machine wouldn't care about any data after a given threshold.

Then I was just annoyed that a 24 hour facility would consistently take part of their machines offline. If it is for cleaning, why wouldn't they clean them during breakfast?

Lastly. as a fat guy, I visit many McDonald's. I have always thought the ran their businesses very intelligently.  From customizing decor and menus to local tastes while maintaining a global standard to moving to older, more experienced employees, and everything in between.  Some of the friendliest cashiers have been at McDonald's. The New Carlisle store is an exception after the lobby closes. Ya'll may wanna find some new third shifters.

//Rant over.

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Kmart shipping silliness

So I recently got a good deal on shoes at Kmart, via The shoes were good quality and dirt cheap.  The rarely have my size in stores, so I check out the selection in store, then order offline.

They were marking down lots of shoes, and having a buy one get one half off.  I ordered 6 pairs of shoes, for about 10 dollars apiece.

They all shipped together in the same box, they were all the same size, a size 13.  I received 5 adult pairs of 13's and 1 kids sized 13.

I am pretty sure I made the mistake on the website as the sizes came up in a different order than the other 5, but I was shopping in the adult male section.  My question to the guy packing these shoes is, did you even stop to think why a kids shoe the numerically the same as 5 adult shoes were shipping together?  Could you have called?

I know the answer is no.  I bet the majority of the fulfillment is automated. However, computer foul ups like this is why I never worry about the Terminator scenario playing out. At some point, Skynet will parse some misinformation and build all the terminators to 1/52 of actual size.

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Walmart asks black folk to leave...rabble, rabble, rabble, outrage!

According to this article a page went out over the Walmart PA system in a Philadelphia store asking all black people to leave, retarded outrage ensues. Basically, some dumb wank got on the PA system and said  "Attention Wal-Mart customers: All black people leave the store now."

The article reports outrage, appall, and disgust. The people interviewed seem to wholeheartedly think the message was some how Walmart sanctioned. I asked, how f'n dumb do you have to be to think Walmart would approve that message.  The only color Walmart cares about is for those less intellectual readers that may come across this.  People are calling for boycotts of the Walmart.  Further retardation in my opinion.

First, I accept that the news outlet found the stupidest, most uptight jackass they could to talk to them.  Second, I pray, yes actually pray, that the majority of the people that heard it laughed or at least said "damn teenagers."  Third, it is sad that news outlets report this as a racist scandal.

Common sense would tell us that most likely some non-employee used the PA system to make this dumb statement. I know we played with the local Walmart's PA when I was in high school.   We got on there imitating Beavis and Butthead saying "Uhhhh, testes, testes, 1, 2, 3? huhuuhuhuhuh."  It was stupid, but funny to us.  As I am sure the racist comment was to the person who made the announcement.

Let it go people, laugh a little. Or at least go make your own announcement. "Could all the red neck, cracker ass, honkies please put down their Nascar merchandise and exit the building. Jeff Gordon is signing autographs in the parking lot."

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Somali pirates finally getting what they deserve

This story tells about how Dutch war ships are kicking Somali pirate's asses.  It's about time someone fought back.  Doesn't sound like the Dutch are killing many people, but are disarming the pirates, sinking their boats, and sending them to row back to shore in dingies. That is just amusing.  Hopefully, it will reduce modern piracy as it ups the stakes to play.  Thank's Dutch war ships :)

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Cincinnati Bell Wireless (CBW) Comes through again

Hopefully, you read my post from early this morning about the issues I was having with my phone, CBW, and their insurance.

The phone issue has been resolved by some very diligent CBW employees. The beginning of the resolution comes quite abnormally.

This morning I received a comment on my previous CBW blog post from a CBW rep named Katie asking me to contact her via email. After verifying the email was valid and not a scam, I emailed her my phone number.

Two hours later the manager, Kent, from the Fairfield Commons CBW store called me to find a solution. He was quite helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. He offered to replace my phone on a tiered pricing scale. That means I was given the choice of a nice discount on the 2 better models and offered the most similar model at no cost. I decided to go with the 8520 Blackberry (no cost) as I really just wanted my 8320 replaced. I certainly tried to justify my price of the newest model, but ultimately sided with the more financially practical.

I went to the store to pick up the phone and everything was ready for me. The employee, Shaun, was also friendly and professional. Since I didn't need my data copied, I was out of there in 3 minutes.

And this is why I always recommend CBW. It is this high level of service that always leaves me smiling. Aside from the initial snafu, CBW has always made sure I felt appreciated as a customer. And as a long time customer, I can say that I have never had a problem with their network coverage.

That is saying a lot as I have had issues with TMobile, Verizon, and AT&T (a long time ago). Furthermore, I used to work for Sprint, so I know they blow.

Lastly, another commentor suggested I wasn't aware of how the insurance worked. Quite the opposite actually. Granted I was more familiar with Sprint's insurance (their TEP is pretty good), but my issue was expecting to much from what is not a Total equipment protection plan. The insurance I HAD was basically a discount plan. I am also very familiar with equipment warranties. As a technology contractor, I deal with them frequently. The problem with dealing directly with the manufacturer is that they are usually intentionally slow. It forces you to buy a replacement.

Anyway, I am a happy CBW customer again. Thanks everyone

If you aren't reading this at, you should be.

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Breaking into a local hotel

This story isn't anywhere near as nefarious or as sexually adventurous as it sounds, but it does give you something scary to think about.

This weekend, I was out with a friend when we stopped by a local hotel to visit and hang with the front desk employee.  Turns out one of the guest got locked out of their first floor room.  It wasn't because they forgot the key, it was because they card reader went bad.

They employee has a master device that is used to reprogram/override a given lock via a hidden comm port. Which is kinda scary as the technology is available on the open market.  But, that was failing to override the lock too.  The employee understood how to use the technology, but that particular door was being very insubordinate (a term often used to describe me).  I offered to help as I have a knack for accessing things I shouldn't.

Most of you know I am good with technology.  Before I was good with technology, I was good with opening other things, like doors, windows, and crappy locks.  I would love to tell you I whipped out a laptop and went all hacker on the lock.  I didn't.

Initially, I took a run at the door, but even this dated hotel had decent enough door jams that I couldn't pop the lock with a credit card or my pocket knife.  First off, that is all I had to work with. Second, I have opened plenty of stuff using one of those.  Third, I had no tools with me in my car.

The employee then said, well maybe the window is open. So we checked the window. It was locked.  The employee was quite discouraged at this point. I tried to open it with my pocket knife, but I was afraid I was going to break it.  My knife has been a good friend so I didn't want it to meet its end.

I have always had good luck with windows, so I asked if there was a flathead screw driver handy.  Upon the employee's return, I had a good sized flathead and a smaller one.  The windows at this place are an older spring pressure lock.  They are made to open from the inside by pushing down and sliding the window.  Attempts from the outside to push the lock up are met via a very hefty meal ledge. However, the weakness still lays in the spring loaded lock. While trying to push the lock open doesn't work, getting the spring to work for you is as easy as a level.  Applying pressure under the window forces the window up at an angle.  In turn, that causes the spring lock to flex out over the latch and you can slide the window open.

What is scary, is it probably took you longer to read this blog post that it did for me to open that window.  Once I had a screw driver, I had the window open in 30 seconds.

That is what I want you to walk away from this post knowing, you are only as secure as your weakest lock, window, blind spot, etc.  Furthermore, I am far from a pro.  I also usually have the hindrance of not being able to damage what I am trying to open.  Professional thieves don't have that worry.  You should know that security is an illusion, but it doesn't have to be an illusion that scares you.  I recommend you read a short book called "Secrets of a Super thief" by John MacLean. Parts of the book will seem dated, but there are some serious fundamentals to thinking like a thief that will put you on your way to protecting yourself and your property.  Don't buy the book, just google the title and you will get a torrent link or a free ebook site.  You can probably read the whole book in an hour or two.

If you aren't reading this on, you should be.

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Rant: Annoyed with Blackberry 8320, Cincinnati Bell Wireless, and their Equipment Insurance

Last September I had issues with my Blackberry 8320, the keyboard started sticking.  I didn't at the time have the equipment protection, but I figured it would be a warranty repair, so I would be able to get it replaced.

Well, at that time I went to the Centerville CBW (Cincinnati Bell Wireless) store and was told I would have to send it into RIM (the company that makes Blackberries). It would take approximately 2 week.  That was unacceptable to me as it is my only form of contact aside from email.  I finally managed to talk them into selling me the equipment protection and then replacing my phone.  They did replace it. However, I ended up losing application data because they way they transfered it didn't use the desktop switch manager.  I also ended up with a phone that had the d/5 key sticking.  I figured I didn't wanna complain about the replacement that same day as I had been a big enough pain. I also had to get somewhere.

So fast forward to the last couple weeks.  The phone has been locking up when deleting emails and the d key still sticks.  I had decided Monday to go get it replaced under the equipment plan.  Life got in the way and I didn't make it out to the store.  Monday night I was working and I ended up dropping a piece of metal on it.  It smashed the top plastic screen (not the actual LCD). So Tuesday, I decided to go get it replaced.

I went to the CBW store in Springfield, only to be told they couldn't replace it, but to check with the Beavercreek or Centerville stores.  So I drove out to the Fairfield Commons CBW store, only to be told, by an employee who seemed quite bothered I was in his store and didn't look up from his damn phone, that I had to call the insurance company directly because they no longer swap phones.  While I was there I asked about getting a new phone as I was due for an upgrade.  I specifically asked him about the $129.99 price and then he said there is a $100 rebate. I said, so the phone is basically $30 when all is said and done. Without looking up from his phone he agreed.  I told him I would call the insurance company, but that I might be back.

So I call the insurance company. I get a low paid phone rep who seems to have been on the job a week.  After going through an endless array of canned scripting, we get to the part where I find out how much they want to charge me to replace the phone. I was expecting $15 dollars, as that was what I paid last time as a transaction fee or something.  I was told by this girl, that I would need to pay $180 dollars to get my phone replaced.  It didn't matter that I was having prior issues, it only mattered that I cracked the screen.

I told her to cancel the request and to put me on the phone with a supervisor.  After holding (of course) for like 10 minutes, I get some cocky wank that tries to explain to me how insurance works. I went round and round with him trying to get a lower price. No go.  I was told by a rep when I bought the insurance that it would be like $15 to replace a phone for any reason.  I really believe the sales reps are mis-informed intentionally to boost sales.  I told the supervisor that I thought what they were doing was predatory and that I was going to inform the state Attorney General.  I have drafted that letter and it is going out tomorrow.

So I decided at this point to just go get the new phone.  I headed back to the store and of course the rude guy that wanted to ignore me was the only rep in the store.  Regardless, I picked out a new phone, verified the price, and was all ready to check out. Then Ignorey Mctexterson informs me my checkout price is $367 and change. I was quite annoyed.  He then informs me that the final price after the $100 rebate is $129. I know there was a $20 activation fee attached to it, even with tax, I dunno where the extra hundred came from. I basically said no way and left.

So while I was sitting in class, I searched for Blackberry replacement screens.  Yeah, they are like $5 dollars shipped. So the cracked screen is solved, I can probably solve the locking up issue, but my d key will still stick.

I have always sung the praises of CBW. I have had no unsolvable issues with them.  This one really annoyed me though. I am going to call CBW retention tomorrow and see if they will send me a replacement as a good faith.  I'll let you know.  Otherwise, I may be singing the praises of the google nexus one when it hits a carrier other the T-mobile.

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Walmart customer panties bunched up over discounted Barbie dolls

This story made me laugh and then shrug off the warm feeling I got from the story in my previous blog post. The media is presenting a story about how the black Barbie was discount priced under the white Barbie.

Walmart said it priced the doll because it wasn't selling, not because it was racist.  I am going to have to side with Walmart.  Knowing just a little bit about how they operate, I can guarantee the whole discount process is automated.  Low sales on a product SKU number trigger an automated discount of which the stores are notified.  The only person who ever knew that the discounted item was a black Barbie was the lowly employee who had to put up the discounted price tag.

I checked this story out on several websites just for the comments. They were damn funny. Some of my favorite comments were: informative - they wouldn't be on sale if black people bought less white Barbie's; racist - They aren't being bought, they're being stolen; and obvious - must've been a slow news day to report on this crap.

The truth is, this isn't an issue for most people. I do believe most people know that Walmart see the dolls a just a product and not a methodology for making a political statement over their corporate opinion of black folk.

If you aren't reading this at, you should be.

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Hope for a more sane world after all

I read this today from the Boston Globe that made me think that people might not be as gullible as they seem.  It basically states that people may be realizing that this sky is falling global warming fear may be retarded.  The article mentions several key reason why I never bought into global warming as a world ending issue. It's a good read, check it out.

I do believe that living more in harmony with nature is a good thing. Especially when we are talking about huge corporation that have the potential to do much more damage than individuals.

I also believe Al Gore is a business genius.  He found a under exploited market and made billions conning people into thinking he was correct. At the end of the day for Gore, it doesn't matter if global warming is real or not. He'll be able to hide away in his climate controlled dwelling, rolling around in his money, laughing at us all.

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This comic is so me: from comic Toothpaste For Dinner

what did you have for breakfast
Pic is from (

If you aren't reading this at, you should be.

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Color Sight test - I did pretty good.

I came across this website that allows you to arrange colors on a spectrum to show you how you see color. It really messed with my eyes. I found it I had to take a break and come back before finalizing my results.  It could be my big screen, but I was seeing wavy lines afterwards

Regardless, a perfect score is 0, a super failure is 99. I scored a 12. The results show where I have weak color discrimination :

Give it a try, see how you scoce and let me know via a comment below.

If you aren't reading this at, you should be.

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iPad Killer from Microsoft

Check out this link, this thing looks badass :)
Microsoft's Courier 'digital journal': exclusive pictures and details (update: video!) -- Engadget

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Myspace blocks shortened URL's and

I just checked my myspace account to verify my links are going through.  They are not.  All the other sites I auto-update are working fine as far as I know.  I want to apologize for the slew of broken links and false malicious site warnings.

However, I have come to learn that myspace blocks all shortened URL's such at  That is very annoying. Myspace claims it is because spammers were abusing the service, but I think it is to force people to log on to the actual site to update statuses.  It also doesn't allow or other blogspot addresses. Which is even more annoying. Ihaven't found or received a good reason for this. It says it is a malicious website which is false. What is the point of using a social service that doesn't let me share my work?  I am coming to find Myspace even more anti-social than Facebook.

The way I update my accounts to let you know I posted a blog post consists of 3 steps. First, I post the actual blog. Then parses my RSS feed and sends it to then sends a message to all my social networking services stating a blog has been posted, so you can see them.

I would like very much if I could turn off link shortening in twitterfeed, but we can't, so I have to deal. I have changed from to digg. So we will see if myspace blocks that one too.

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Ohio Traffic News: All-time low traffic deaths & Dayton Red Light Camera tickets unpaid

There are numbers in the article that should be alarming to anyone that can do math.  Total Fatalities for 2009 are 1028. Highest ever, 2778 fatalities.  Do you realize that the 1028 people who died only represent .0001%, yes 1/millionth of a percent, of the total state population of 11,486,000.  Total crashes is more impressive at 320,876 in 2008 (2009 numbers aren't up yet). So 2.7% of the population crashed in 2008.  So only .34% of the accidents were fatal.

We always hear about how drinking and driving kills right.  Well in 2008, 14,425 of the accidents were alcohol related, with a whole 449 being fatal.  So only 4% of all traffic accidents in Ohio were alcohol related. That represents .00003% of the State population.  However, there is some truth to the rhetoric and propaganda, 2008's numbers again are 1099 fatalities and 449 fatalities alcohol related. Basically 41% of the fatalities involved booze. Sadly, the majority of the total fatal (including alcohol related) crashes happened during dry, clear days (before 8pm) in areas without an intersection where failure to control, failure to yield, and/or speeding as the top reasons for the crash. Sounds like inattentiveness is the real killer. Original Article about low traffic deaths can be found here.

Furthermore, only about .0009% of those accidents (213 Crashes Mont, 99Clark) occur in Clark and Montgomery counties. Of the 1099 fatalities, 60 were cited as running a red light or .054%. Clark had 25 (.75% fatalities/crashes in county) traffic fatalities and Montgomery County had 36 (.2% fatalities/crashes in county). Which is really interesting because Montgomery county is more than two times the size of Clark.  My instincts tell me that is possibly because maybe hospitals are closer in Montgomery county. Without more research I wouldn't know for sure.  However, applying the red light percentage to the Clark and Montgomery fatalities, 3.2 people are statistically likely to die due to running a red light. It's just short of 2 people for Montgomery county. 

That last paragraph was to make this point, the red light camera's are a waste of money.  They are not for your safety. They are for revenue generation, but Dayton is learning the hard way people are smarter than they think.  People obviously understand there is no enforcement method for these tickets and aren't paying as supported by this article.  

This article gives us some of the costs associated with the cameras. We are told that city wide traffic accidents are down 26%, whereas at camera enforced intersections accidents have reduced by 44% total. What they should be saying is that the red lights have reduced accidents by 18%. Using 2008 numbers, the red light cameras have supposedly prevent 57 people from having accidents. So it didn't stop 261 other people from running lights. That boils down to the red light camera's maybe saving 0.36 people. That's not a percentage, that's how many lives I calculate will be saved in Montgomery county by red light cameras... a third of a person.

Dayton spent $204,000 to contract the cameras from Redflex. Each ticket is &85 dollars, with 55 going to Redflex and $30 going to Dayton. Between 2003 and now the cameras have issues 92,900 citations or about 13271 citations per year.  Thats more red light citations per year than traffic accidents in the entire county.  Remember, it was reported that in 2008, only 318 accidents occurred at the intersections. That is a 4172.00% increase in citations. Yes, my decimal is in the correct place. So the cameras attempt to generate $7,896,500 in revenue with 5,109,500 of that going to Redflex. Dayton should be getting $2,787,000, but has only been able to collect half of the citations. So for their $200k investment, they have made $3,948,250; $2554750 for Redflex and $1393500 for Dayton. 

So you go ahead and try and tell me red light cameras are for safety and not revenue. Dayton has conned its citizens of Millions and I'm pretty sure it's obtained illegally. Keep not paying those tickets as long as you can. Fight any process taken to get you to pay these tickets. End the scam.

I took these numbers from the Dayton Daily news article and from the Ohio Department of Public Safety.
Furthermore, if you aren't reading this at, you should be.

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Marysville schools shelve PG-13, R movies | The Columbus Dispatch

OK, I read the article below and wasn't going to bother commenting on it. However, I was annoyed at one of the people being quoted in the Article.

This article is about how Marysville High School is reviewing their policy of showing PG-13 and R rated movies. I take no issue with that. The school is a gov't entity and should have to abide by the laws that R rated movies are for 17 and up. Even if I think the rating system is lame and pointless. The school is making a decent decision. They even get parental permission before showing a movie. Good move.

I was annoyed that the article is quoting Jared Cox. A parent who doesn't even have a kid in the damn high school. His oldest kid is 9. What the hell is he doing at a meeting for the high school. Then there is Tamara Bowers a dumb bitch who is trying to petition for the removal of the movies all together.

I don't know that movies like Saving Private Ryan and Rainman are all that educationally valuable. However, Schindler's List does give some good insight into parts of the Holocaust. People need to know that the Holocaust happened. People need to know slavery existed (still exists). People need to understand that war, political corruption, and that different religions exist.

History is not PG13. Sometimes history is worse than the most obscene NC-17 (I miss the XXX days) movie you can think of...but not as fun ;)

Even the basics, reading, writing, and arithmetic, have all been used for nefarious purposes. Without math, the nuclear bomb would most likely not exist. Without writing and reading, religious text like the bible (which has caused more deaths than all the spent bullets in history of the world), would not exist. Yes, I am listing that as a bad thing...right along side Mein Kampf.

So the minute you forget that the world isn't all roses and rainbows, is the minute you get clubbed and robbed. If a movie will help you remember that, then so be it.

Furthermore, we are an increasingly visual people. I personally learn better from visual queues than from someone droning on with a chalkboard for hours. The best teachers are the ones who find a way to get you involved with the material. Hollywood's job is to grab and keep your attention for at least 90 minutes. So if the movie is educationally relevant, I say use what you can. God knows I wish my college professors would find a movie that made accounting exciting.

Lastly, before you get all righteous and bitchy about how movies are mostly fiction and are historically inaccurate, know all I am saying is that they should be allowed to use relevant movies as a teaching tool. I'm not saying we should replace teachers with a cinema. Of course, some would argue we've already replaced parents with tv's.

Marysville schools shelve PG-13, R movies | The Columbus Dispatch

If you aren't reading this at, you should be.

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The only thing for which I'll ever thank Apple, F U RIAA Business Model

You all know I've never been a fan of Apple. I've always secretly cheered on their digital media store though. I applaud the risk and wish I had part of the return on the invest Apple made in digital media sales.

Back in the day, the Recording Industry Association of America said digital media was a dumb way to go. The RIAA has fought every type of consumer friendly media Radio, 8track, VHS, cassette, CD, and DVD. The real news came when the RIAA was suing users of P2P network sharing sites (which they are still doing).

The RIAA couldn't stop the wave, still can't. That's why I cheer on Apple, because it is like a big kick to the balls of the RIAA's antiquated business model.

Granted I know that Apple and the RIAA are buddies in the business to a point, but that doesn't eliminate the fact that without Apple, we'd all probably be fighting RIAA lawsuits.

I'm not promoting the iTunes store or Apple, as I use neither, just saying thanks for making the RIAA see the error of their a point.

Fortune Brainstorm Tech

If you aren't reading this at, you should be.

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Cloud 9 Marketing Video - Absolute Final Cut

I appreciate you all checking out the first round of this video I posted.  However, I discovered that the last few frames weren't showing up on youtube.  I was very upset about this as I spent a good deal of time on the last few frames.  So this is the Absolute final version.  Please check it out.  Please comment. And lastly, please check out all the other video cut here at .

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Minor Lessons in Bathtub/Shower Repair

I have learned three valuable lessons this week concerning minor repairs to my bathtub/shower.  While these may seem like obvious tips, to the inexperienced, this may be important info.

The first lesson relates to a lime deposit clogged Waterpik (multi-speed and flow) shower head.  These are not made to be taken apart. Even if you do manage to get them apart like I did, it will not go back together correctly, even with glue.  You are better off removing the shower head and soaking it in a bucket of Lime-away overnight.  Then make sure you run hot water through it for at least 5 minutes. You must make sure all the lime-away is out of the shower head. Otherwise, you will have a very unpleasant shower.

Second lesson starts on a sour note but ends with a smile. If you do manage to destroy your expensive shower head like I did, you can get some revenge by purchasing a cheap replacement. My original one look liked this Trs-529 Waterpik Fixed Mount Showerhead Waterpik Technologies but had hose attachment so you could remove it. I only used the one setting on my shower head that was full flow (basically most of the holes were releasing water).  So I bought a economy single setting removable from Meijers for $9.99.  It is labeled as a low flow shower head aka crappy water pressure. However, there is a small rubber grommet with 3 holes in it inside the bottom of the shower head where you connect the hose.  That is the flow control piece.  You can easily pry it out with a small screwdriver. You just converted it to a high flow shower head with sweet water pressure.

The last lesson concerns Lime-away and a highly corroded tub. Let's say that until yesterday, I thought the tub was beige, not off white.  My house was a foreclosure and was empty for at least 18 months before I moved in. Upon moving in,  the tub was cleaned with some Lime-away to get the iron and rust stains off. I thought most came off, but there were some stains that wouldn't budge. Well, I finally got tired of them. After purchasing a 28oz bottle of Lime-away, I set the tub stopper, and dumped the bottle into the tub with hot water.  I let it sit for about 30 minutes, then went to town on it with a regular, non-rough sponge.

Let's just say that after letting out the water, I then learned the true color of my tub and just how much work it needed.  The lesson here is, you should just start with 2 28oz botles of Lime away and 2 spray bottles if you have surround that matches your tub.  Also, use a very rough sponge.I actually ended up using 3M stripping pads from the paint section. Be gentle with those though, to rough and you'll scratch the surface.  So now I have a nice clean tub...after like $20 buck in Lime-away.

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Product plug: 3M Picture Hanging Strips

I am not affiliated with 3M or this product in anyway.  However, I am a very happy end user. Those of you that have known me awhile, know I love to hang pictures and pretty much anything else on my walls. As a teenager, my walls were completely covered in posters. 

As an adult, I recently spent at least 2 weeks (with help from Dusty, Steve, my Dad, and Jose) cleaning, patching, sanding, painting, and texturing the walls at my new place.  So when it came time to hang pictures on the walls, I didn't want to screw, nail, or staple anything into the pretty new walls. Yes, some of you may say that is the first time I have never wanted to screw something, but that is off topic.  I went looking for a alternative to damaging the walls. I found 3M Picture Hanger Strips at Staples.

Basically they are Velcro with tape adhesive on the back.  But the kicker comes when you want to remove them. They have a tab you pull that allows it to come right off the wall with no damage to the paint.  I was skeptical at first, but I hung a bunch of stuff and haven't had issue.  I did get to test the remove feature and I say it works excellently.  Now these will not hold much weight. You can put multiple strips on a heavier pieces of art to keep it in place.  You will not be able to use these to hold shelves or anything.  

3M also makes a version of these for posters which are just a lighter version.  I highly recommend these to anyone who wants to protect their walls.  Below is a product shot. Thanks 3M.

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