Rant: Annoyed with Blackberry 8320, Cincinnati Bell Wireless, and their Equipment Insurance

Last September I had issues with my Blackberry 8320, the keyboard started sticking.  I didn't at the time have the equipment protection, but I figured it would be a warranty repair, so I would be able to get it replaced.

Well, at that time I went to the Centerville CBW (Cincinnati Bell Wireless) store and was told I would have to send it into RIM (the company that makes Blackberries). It would take approximately 2 week.  That was unacceptable to me as it is my only form of contact aside from email.  I finally managed to talk them into selling me the equipment protection and then replacing my phone.  They did replace it. However, I ended up losing application data because they way they transfered it didn't use the desktop switch manager.  I also ended up with a phone that had the d/5 key sticking.  I figured I didn't wanna complain about the replacement that same day as I had been a big enough pain. I also had to get somewhere.

So fast forward to the last couple weeks.  The phone has been locking up when deleting emails and the d key still sticks.  I had decided Monday to go get it replaced under the equipment plan.  Life got in the way and I didn't make it out to the store.  Monday night I was working and I ended up dropping a piece of metal on it.  It smashed the top plastic screen (not the actual LCD). So Tuesday, I decided to go get it replaced.

I went to the CBW store in Springfield, only to be told they couldn't replace it, but to check with the Beavercreek or Centerville stores.  So I drove out to the Fairfield Commons CBW store, only to be told, by an employee who seemed quite bothered I was in his store and didn't look up from his damn phone, that I had to call the insurance company directly because they no longer swap phones.  While I was there I asked about getting a new phone as I was due for an upgrade.  I specifically asked him about the $129.99 price and then he said there is a $100 rebate. I said, so the phone is basically $30 when all is said and done. Without looking up from his phone he agreed.  I told him I would call the insurance company, but that I might be back.

So I call the insurance company. I get a low paid phone rep who seems to have been on the job a week.  After going through an endless array of canned scripting, we get to the part where I find out how much they want to charge me to replace the phone. I was expecting $15 dollars, as that was what I paid last time as a transaction fee or something.  I was told by this girl, that I would need to pay $180 dollars to get my phone replaced.  It didn't matter that I was having prior issues, it only mattered that I cracked the screen.

I told her to cancel the request and to put me on the phone with a supervisor.  After holding (of course) for like 10 minutes, I get some cocky wank that tries to explain to me how insurance works. I went round and round with him trying to get a lower price. No go.  I was told by a rep when I bought the insurance that it would be like $15 to replace a phone for any reason.  I really believe the sales reps are mis-informed intentionally to boost sales.  I told the supervisor that I thought what they were doing was predatory and that I was going to inform the state Attorney General.  I have drafted that letter and it is going out tomorrow.

So I decided at this point to just go get the new phone.  I headed back to the store and of course the rude guy that wanted to ignore me was the only rep in the store.  Regardless, I picked out a new phone, verified the price, and was all ready to check out. Then Ignorey Mctexterson informs me my checkout price is $367 and change. I was quite annoyed.  He then informs me that the final price after the $100 rebate is $129. I know there was a $20 activation fee attached to it, even with tax, I dunno where the extra hundred came from. I basically said no way and left.

So while I was sitting in class, I searched Amazon.com for Blackberry replacement screens.  Yeah, they are like $5 dollars shipped. So the cracked screen is solved, I can probably solve the locking up issue, but my d key will still stick.

I have always sung the praises of CBW. I have had no unsolvable issues with them.  This one really annoyed me though. I am going to call CBW retention tomorrow and see if they will send me a replacement as a good faith.  I'll let you know.  Otherwise, I may be singing the praises of the google nexus one when it hits a carrier other the T-mobile.

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3 Response to "Rant: Annoyed with Blackberry 8320, Cincinnati Bell Wireless, and their Equipment Insurance"

  1. CincyBell says:
    10:53 AM

    My name is Katie and I am with Cincinnati Bell. I apologize about this issue and we would like to get it resolved. Please email your name and a contact number to cincinnati.bell@fuse.net and we will follow up with you. Thanks!

  2. HeyJT63 Says:
    4:38 PM

    Seems you have warranty and insurance all confused. I had to learn this myself last year. You should never have been able to sign up for insurance after you had a problem. That is like getting flood insurance after the tsunami. Lucky your provider is so accommodating. My RIM phone had roller ball issues and it had to go back to RIM--- it took like 6 WEEKS! My cell carrier would have nothing to do with my warranty. Insurance is a good deal though if you have a high end device -- like $6 bucks a month and they will replace it in a day or two -- no waiting if it is damaged or even lost. I made one claim when I left my phone at a concert and had a new phone right away-- that phone would have cost me $490 to re-buy. But the insurance company won't touch it if it is a warranty issue. My dad said that would be like your carburetor falling out of the car and then calling the insurance company. Maybe they will want to keep you as a customer enough to give you stuff - good luck.

  3. Unknown says:
    6:03 PM

    Actually, the insurance provider acts as a middleman for resolving hardware issues. They have scripts they follow to determine whether your issue is warranty or insurance. If it is a warranty issue, the issue you a replacement and file a warranty claim with the manufacturer. If is an insurance issue, they charge you the deductable and send you a replacement. Thank you for the good wishes, as my problem has been resolved. Please read my newest post to see what happened. Thanks for reading.