Product plug: 3M Picture Hanging Strips

I am not affiliated with 3M or this product in anyway.  However, I am a very happy end user. Those of you that have known me awhile, know I love to hang pictures and pretty much anything else on my walls. As a teenager, my walls were completely covered in posters. 

As an adult, I recently spent at least 2 weeks (with help from Dusty, Steve, my Dad, and Jose) cleaning, patching, sanding, painting, and texturing the walls at my new place.  So when it came time to hang pictures on the walls, I didn't want to screw, nail, or staple anything into the pretty new walls. Yes, some of you may say that is the first time I have never wanted to screw something, but that is off topic.  I went looking for a alternative to damaging the walls. I found 3M Picture Hanger Strips at Staples.

Basically they are Velcro with tape adhesive on the back.  But the kicker comes when you want to remove them. They have a tab you pull that allows it to come right off the wall with no damage to the paint.  I was skeptical at first, but I hung a bunch of stuff and haven't had issue.  I did get to test the remove feature and I say it works excellently.  Now these will not hold much weight. You can put multiple strips on a heavier pieces of art to keep it in place.  You will not be able to use these to hold shelves or anything.  

3M also makes a version of these for posters which are just a lighter version.  I highly recommend these to anyone who wants to protect their walls.  Below is a product shot. Thanks 3M.

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