Hope for a more sane world after all

I read this today from the Boston Globe that made me think that people might not be as gullible as they seem.  It basically states that people may be realizing that this sky is falling global warming fear may be retarded.  The article mentions several key reason why I never bought into global warming as a world ending issue. It's a good read, check it out.

I do believe that living more in harmony with nature is a good thing. Especially when we are talking about huge corporation that have the potential to do much more damage than individuals.

I also believe Al Gore is a business genius.  He found a under exploited market and made billions conning people into thinking he was correct. At the end of the day for Gore, it doesn't matter if global warming is real or not. He'll be able to hide away in his climate controlled dwelling, rolling around in his money, laughing at us all.

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