The only thing for which I'll ever thank Apple, F U RIAA Business Model

You all know I've never been a fan of Apple. I've always secretly cheered on their digital media store though. I applaud the risk and wish I had part of the return on the invest Apple made in digital media sales.

Back in the day, the Recording Industry Association of America said digital media was a dumb way to go. The RIAA has fought every type of consumer friendly media Radio, 8track, VHS, cassette, CD, and DVD. The real news came when the RIAA was suing users of P2P network sharing sites (which they are still doing).

The RIAA couldn't stop the wave, still can't. That's why I cheer on Apple, because it is like a big kick to the balls of the RIAA's antiquated business model.

Granted I know that Apple and the RIAA are buddies in the business to a point, but that doesn't eliminate the fact that without Apple, we'd all probably be fighting RIAA lawsuits.

I'm not promoting the iTunes store or Apple, as I use neither, just saying thanks for making the RIAA see the error of their a point.

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