My Art: Abstracts

Let me preface these photos with a few things:
1.) The photographs aren't great. I had to use a flash
2.) The flash hides alot of the finer details, color,  and texture
3.) They were made specifically for the wall/room I am hanging them in.
4.) Please ask questions or leave opinions in the comment section

These first 2 took decent pics. There is still alot of detail missing from the pics.

The flash really took out some detail and hides the texture.

You really can't see the details of the colors due to the flash.

These next two are still drying, so I will have to show them off once they are on the walls.
I like how this one turned out. I was worried while it was wet because the colors weren't layering like I wanted. It is really going to look on my wall.

The flash really distorted this one.  The reds are hidden and so is the texture. Will report once it's dry and on the wall.

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