Kmart shipping silliness

So I recently got a good deal on shoes at Kmart, via The shoes were good quality and dirt cheap.  The rarely have my size in stores, so I check out the selection in store, then order offline.

They were marking down lots of shoes, and having a buy one get one half off.  I ordered 6 pairs of shoes, for about 10 dollars apiece.

They all shipped together in the same box, they were all the same size, a size 13.  I received 5 adult pairs of 13's and 1 kids sized 13.

I am pretty sure I made the mistake on the website as the sizes came up in a different order than the other 5, but I was shopping in the adult male section.  My question to the guy packing these shoes is, did you even stop to think why a kids shoe the numerically the same as 5 adult shoes were shipping together?  Could you have called?

I know the answer is no.  I bet the majority of the fulfillment is automated. However, computer foul ups like this is why I never worry about the Terminator scenario playing out. At some point, Skynet will parse some misinformation and build all the terminators to 1/52 of actual size.

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