Stupid Myspace Update! Share on Myspace posts only to stream

Basically I have given up on having my blogspot blog auto-feed to myspace. Now yesterday I was using a bookmarklet that allows you to click it on any page and add it to 1 of several different places, including my myspace blog.

Today, the feature was "updated" aka broken aka crippled.  Now you can only post stuff to your stream. This is the Myspace Faq briefly explaining it. I am growing increasingly irritated that I cannot use the Myspace blog like I want.  It is one of the few things I like about it over facebook (of course facebook updated today (do not like) and is lagging like an old lady carrying buckets of water up a hill).

Come on Myspace! As a site that came of age because of creative people, you sure are hampering our ability to be creative.

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