California Cops actually making roads safer, nutjobs at take issue with it.

You probably assumed I picked this headline so I could bash on the police. This time you are wrong.

If you read the article, you know that CA police are on over time pay while working DUI check points. This could be something to get outraged over since they are on the city/state dime. However, since the check points are only for a few hours a night once every so often, how does their over time differ much from your over time? Granted, the check points sound awfully over staffed, so feel free to be out raged there.

Some issues I take with this writer are:
a.) If you think DUI check points are about safety, you are dumb.
b.) If you think DUI check points are only for nabbing drunk drivers, you are ignorant.
c.) If a city is 92% Hispanic, should Hispanics be referred to as minorities?
d.) Why should I care if the police are impounding unlicensed driver's vehicles? The roads are safer without them.
e.) If DUI check points net more unlicensed drivers than DUIs, shouldn't we call them something other than DUI check points?

What I don't understand is why can't cops impound a car in CA because the driver is unlicensed? I would think that an unlicensed motorist is just as dangerous (if not more) than a drunk driver. Especially since there seems to be way more illegal drivers than drunks on the road. Maybe instead of getting all outraged over the police impounding cars, CA should focus on changing the law to make the roads safer.

Stick around, I'm sure you will hear me bitch about speed limits that are too low and traffic cameras that cause more harm than good.

Original Article: California Cops Exploit DUI Checkpoints to Rake in Cash | Investigations | AlterNet

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