Write in your blogs! What is your Blog link? I've added a bunch of you.

I have been on a mission to support the blogs of everyone I know .  This is how I have been trying to find them.

Myspace: I imported every myspace friend's blog into my news reader the other day. That way I am immediately notified when new blog posts come through.

Facebook: I went though and looked at all my friends profiles for a blog link or email address.

From Email addresses: I set up a simple database with names and email addresses which I then used to retrieve results from potential blog results from google.  I search on the full email address and just the user name (Drop the @ and everythign after).  The results weren't exciting. I think I found like 4 or 5 extra blogs out of like 600 addresses.

Inquiring: I also sent out event invites on Myspace and Facebook asking for feedback on my new layout.  On that invite I specifically asked for the invitees blog address.  Hopefully, that will be more fruitful than the email search.

I need stuff to read, so get to writing, haha.

If you have a blog not listed to your right, please leave a comment with your link. I will subscibe and add you to my own blog roll :)

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  1. azzula says:
    5:50 AM

    i like this blog, good joob