Cross Posting social networks part 2: Lessons Learned

So I've learned a few things about cross posting to multiple social networking services.  Last time I wrote about cross posting I billed Windows Live Writer with the xPollinate add-in as a cure all.

Well that methodology left me with a bunch of duplicate posts and I was only able to update my blog from the 1 PC I had installed Live Writer on.  Don't get me wrong, Live Writer is a good app, but I use multiple computers and prefer to work in the cloud.

I have been tweaking my various social networking sites trying to figure out the best method (with the least effort) to update all my social networking sites at once, with out duplicates, with little to no intervention on my part except an initial blog post or status update.

Here is the configuration I finally came up with.

  1. Post new content to Blogspot (using Blog This bookmarklet in Chrome, Send To in Google Reader, the Blogspot website, or via Email). 
  2. After configuration will post RSS feeds from Blogspot to a designated spot. 
    1. I set up a separate feed to for micro-blogs and blogs. I deleted the one I had setup for Statuses as it was giving me double posts.
  3. is an option on twitterfeed, so I used it to notify all my social sites of a new blog post.
    1. I had to turn blogger (aka blogspot) off in, so that when I update my status via SMS, I don't get double posts when twitterfeed updates from blogspot.
I'm always toying with this stuff, so I will write an update if I find a better way to cross post.

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  1. Unknown says:
    7:26 AM

    With this configuration, Blogger will not be updated via at all, not even for status updates. I like to update my status via SMS. If Blogger is left on, it will be updated multiple times by Twitterfeed will then push the new content down as a blog and a micro-blog. So, for instance, Facebook would get a status update and a blog link to the exact same message. Since I don't want status updates on Blogger, this setup works for me.