Sick: Ohio rapist returns to movie with wife and kids

This is sick, in a bad way:

A 24-year-old Ohio man is accused of raping a woman at a movie theater under cover of a bathroom break — then returning to watch the rest of the movie with his wife and kids, reported.
Wife: Honey,  why do you smell like sweat and sex?
Rapist: This girl at the concession stand needed a big box of rape-inettes.

I'd like to say this guy is crazy for raping someone then going back to his wife n kids, but he must be partially sane.  He certainly didn't waste the 9 dollar movie ticket.

Original Article:Ohio Man Raped Woman in Theater, Kept Watching Movie, Police Say - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

If you aren't reading this at, you should be. 

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