I laugh at Apple because iPad hype drives away consumers(per survey)

I have never been a fan of Apple. I have the strong opinion that apple computers are mostly re-branded, over-priced hardware with to many software limitations. I despise the idea that to have an iPhone I'd have to be locked to AT&T or jailbreak it to take it to another carrier (and pay a non-carrier-subsidized price). And the iPods would be cool if they allowed free sharing of music the way non-apple music players do. However, I must say I was intrigued by the sound of the iPad. I have wanted an affordable tablet PC since I first heard about them back in the 90's (aka slate computers - a quick history) . However, after reading Apple's iPad specs, I just laughed. Anyone who buys the iPad is a moron. There are plenty more current choices with a whole bunch more features, larger hard disks, bigger screens, longer battery life, and several other pros. Hopefully, this is true: iPad hype drives away consumers, survey says: "After the over-the-top hype met the reality of Apple's iPad, a majority of consumers decided they wouldn't buy the new device, a survey published today said."

Personal, I would buy one of these HP Tablet/laptop if I had the money. Please watch this demo then just try and tell me it doesn't kick the iPad's ass.

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