My Blog was spammed yesterday, Sorry for the 3 product post.

My Blog was spammed yesterday. Sorry for the 3 product post. I did recommend the Dell that was on sale.  However, the 3 post after that were nothing I recommended.

The spam came in via blogger's email blog posts function.  I did have it enabled so that I could use to connect my Myspace blog to Blogger.  However, I have disabled that feature now.

After that spam showed up, interesting traffic showed up in my Google Analytics (Web Traffic Monitoring) reports.  I got my first ever international hits.  I got one from Germany, Indonesia, and India.  I have no doubt that computers in those countries participated in spamming me.  So the lesson here is if you use Blogger's email function, make sure it is a super unique email address.  Apparently mine was not.

On another note, I look through over 1,000 headlines today and saw nothing that motivated me to want to report it to you.  So apparently it was a boring news day.

I am always looking for new sites to check out, blogs to read, and bands to listen. So if you have a suggestion, even if it is you site, blog, band, leave a link in the comments. :)

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