Controversial Ga. billboards link abortion, race and is stupid.

The first image is from the article I am about to discuss (original article link below). The rest are some I just grabbed off google image search. If you find nothing wrong with these billboards, then you must be a pro-lifer.  Only one of the billboards even shows a partially developed baby, the rest are healthy, well groomed babies whose parents were kind/cruel enough to take them to a photo shoot for a billboard.

Abortion is a hot issue.  It has been for as long as politics have invaded our sex lives. From what politicians and pro-lifers tell me, abortions are at an all-time high. Which actually isn't true (see graph below). Lets talk numbers for a minute.  Did you know that there are over 304 million humans in the US and that only 73.5 million of them are females of child bearing age (15-49 yrs old)? Were you aware that only 2% of the child bearing female population is likely to abort. If you are one of those people that only support abortion when the pregnancy is due to rape or incest, you have a tenth of a percent of the aborting population you are helping. The following graph puts that into a visual perspective for you.


So 98% of the US population will not be having an abortion.  Remember abortion is currently legal in our country.  So why is there so much damn outrage over this 2%? Well take a look at the billboards at the beginning of the post. Do you see an ugly embryo being aborted? No, you see cute babies and religious symbol.  Take a look at what is actually being aborted:

Not so cute huh? Also not nearly as develped as pro-lifers want you to believe. 89% of abortions take place at 3 months or less (12 weeks) according to this site: which also has lots of other good info. 

This graph shows us that the number of abortion is on the decline (up through '05 is the best I could find). 
Which I would love to say is due to better sex education throughout the country. However, This Time Magazine article suggests this anti-abortion guilt trips are working.  That is very sad. I still think the de-repression of sex and better sex education is the key to reducing unwanted pregnancies.  Unfortunately, pulic schools still seem to teach that abstinence is the only way to go.  Thankfully planned parenthood is still around to give out condoms. Shame on everyone that uses guilt, shame, and ignorance to try and solve the unwanted pregnancy issue.  The key is and always has been, better education.

Lastly, I wanted to point out in the linked article below, that the person who came up with the billboard (first pic in this post) is not a genius.  They are using the same crappy rhetoric as usual.  If that person was a genius and wanted to reach a wider audience, I suggest the following as the billboard (of course I designed it.)

If you aren't reading this post at you are missing out.

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    Point of note: I designed that last image to be funny, not because I support the cause. I am pro-choice all the way.