News Commentary & A Few Movie Reviews


Pet Owner Killed by Dogs After Saving Them

Commentary: I really would prefer to read about someone’s cats doing this.  it is well known that I hate cats and like dogs.  I am saddened to hear the doggies weren’t grateful for being saved. Bad Dogs!



100+ old  whiskey found on ice in Antarctica

Commentary: I bet this is some nice ice cold whiskey. I would be stoked to find a bottle of whiskey, let alone have it be of some historical significance, and be something that can make me feel warm in Antarctica. I would definitely write it down as divine intervention, haha.


Fake Cisco equipment gets Chinese man 30 months in prison.

Commentary: I’ve heard of this happening more and more. It is annoying and should make businesses weary of using just the lowest cost provider for their equipment.  Here is an excellent article about how to spot fake Cisco equipment. 



Review: I liked this movie. It was action packed and kept my attention.  It is not really a date movie unless your date likes action movies.



Review: Like I can say anything bad about Harry Potter. Oh wait, I hated where this movie ended.  However, I was entertained and can’t complain otherwise.

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