I love Google Analytics

I'm a techie and understand that every IP address is traceable.  While I understand how Google Analytics works, I still get a huge kick out of the map overlay section. I love that it can tell me down to the city the originating locale of my traffic. Since I am a very small little blog, I can definitely tell which friends are reading and which aren't.  Some location aren't surprising (like Dayton/Springfield), some locations are quite a surprise. I've gotten hits in California from San Francisco to LA. I only have like 3 friends in CA and one that I know specifically is in LA (Hi Amy). Thanks for the love Southern half of CA. I've even started getting more foreign hits. Germany, India, China, etc; of course those may be the same locations that spammed me the other day.

Furthermore, I find the referring sites section extremely interesting. I have gotten a couple of surprises there. A nice web design site called CSSMania.com has sent me some traffic.  I haven't figured out why yet as I don't see any links to my blog or anything.  Regardless, thanks :)

I wanted to write this to let Google know I appreciate their tools.  They have taken quite a beating in the media about their Google Buzz social networking app. While I haven't used it but for 2 seconds, I still love Gmail, Google Docs, Analytics, Reader, and Blogger.  I am also looking forward to seeing how Google works out the whole book scanning, giant digital library scheme. That should be cool.

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