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Summary: A hit-and-run vehicle accident on Saturday led to a chase, the victim ramming the other car three times and both drivers being charged, according to Middletown Police.

Commentary: Wow, this Gentry guy really over-reacted and he was old enough to know better. The article says Gentry will be charged with felonious assult, Mosier (the guy who originally struck Gentry's car) is walking away with a stop sign violation and reckless op.

So the lesson we learned today is that unnecessary vigilantism leads to jail. However, I know first hand there are crazies out there.

I rear-ended a guy who made an illegal turn while running away from an accident in Dayton in my Intrepid. Since he fled, I wasn't cited. My insurance company at the time was Progressive and they took real good car of my car. I even took it to Trimbach's. I have no idea how they matched the paint, but it looked like new after they were done.

Another time, A bunch of us were coming back from lunch while working at PB and as we were waiting to turn into the parking lot an on coming car came left of center. The driver of our car honked and the car swerved. We pulled into the parking lot and as we were almost in the spot, we heard a crunch and felt the car shift sideways. The guy we honked at had pulled a u-turn and come back to ram his car into ours. A screaming match ensued (it was another life lesson for me in not over-reacting). Anyway, eventually we got insurance info and took down his plate number. Luckily, we got the plate number because he had given us false insurance info. We called the cops, who quickly went to his house, and scared the hell out of him. The got the insurance info and we learned later that his claim was denied. While our driver's claim was approved. I think the driver pressed charges too, but I don't know if anything came of it.

Another time a friend of mine's work gate had been crashed over the weekend. The cops were able to take a little piece of bumper and track down the guy with no other info. Turns out it was some narcoleptic old man who over medicated and blacked out. Apparently the color & make of his car was rare for New Carlisle. They found him the same day it was reported.

If you read the comments on the Cincinnati.com site or on Fark.com you'll find very little intellectual remarks. However, one person made a point that it is common for unlicensed, uninsured illegal aliens to purchase beater cars and abandon the cars after an accident. That is a pain in the butt, but if you are insured, you can get your car fixed. I learned after the hit-n-run I was involved in to keep my deductible to $100 or less just in case you are struck by an uninsured motorist. At least you won't be out of too much cash.

In all 3 scenarios above in the police officers did a great job of dealing with the problem. I don't get to say that very often. I still have a deep mistrust of the police and government, but those times were decent interactions.

Have you even been hit by an uninsured motorist, hit-n-run, or assulted by a road-raging psycho? Leave a comment to answer.

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