Do you watch these shows? What is your opinion?

Below is a list of my favorite show. Do you watch any of these?  

Which are your favorite and why?


South Park

My all-time favorite animation show. Crude, rude, and funny as hell.
I didn't really like American Dad at first. But it kinda grew on me.
It makes me laugh sometimes, so I still watch it.

Just came across Archer the other day. It is weird, but I laughed hard.

I almost can't stand this show, but almost once every episode a 
character says something that makes me burst out laughing.

Alot of people give this show crap, but I still find it quite funny.

A classic good for laughs show.


better off ted 

Another show I thought I would hate. Freaking love it. 


Community started kinda rough, but it has really grown on me. I think I like it because it sort of has a slower tempo than other shows. Plus it has Chevy Chase. You may think he isn't funny, but he plays the awkward old guy fantastically in this show. He really does have good comic timing.

modern family 

I hated this show at first. It has gotten quite funny. It's not the obscene humor like Family guy, but more of a situational, inter-personal funny.


This show is like Beavis & Butthead get jobs as medical test subjects. The humor is crude and no other show has made me laugh as hard as this one did. Plus the low budget just added to the awesomeness.

I loved this show immediately.  Not loving this last season though. All the new people through off the rhythm I was used to.

10 Items or Less

The pilot of this show was harsh to watch.  However, it grew fast on me and I really dig it. It's quite funny in an awkward way.  Plus my understanding is that the show is completely ad lib. They just have a rough idea of what the plot is, then the wing the rest. That's pretty freaking awesome.


Great chemistry between actors and good stories. Plus I like shows that wrap up the solution in one episode. They always do that.

burn notice 

I like the mix of humor and action in this show. It's got a good style. Plus they always blow stuff up.


Still not sure about this Caprica show.  Nothing is getting solved and I hate shows like that. I am about to stop watching.


I absolutely love this show. However, Dear writers, Chuck needs to hookup with Sarah or the new girl. Give the man some freaking action already.  Also, by now, Chuck should be getting quite confident with his skills, let him be more suave.


The only reason I watched this show is Miracle Laurie. I don't normally drool after actors, but damn this girl is the finest woman on TV. Anyone who says different can go die in a fire.

I came across this show one day when I needed to watch something. I was hooked instantly. Funny, smart, wraps up loose ends. Great show.

the forgotten 

I've always been a fan of Christian Slater so I gave this show a chance. It was decent. Pretty sure it is canceled now. Worth a watch on Hulu if you need new content.


This show started me on my sci-fi kick. It's a good, fun, smart show if you can accept that in TV land the scientific method takes 30 seconds and vaccines are released to the public with no lab trials. 

Everyone knows this show's formula. Doesn't matter, it is still a good time to watch.

human target 

This show is a fun action show. You gotta let go of reality to watch it, but it's fun. It's like watching a comic book hero in action.

lie to me 

This is one of the shows that is OK. I'm not to invested in the characters, but the story lines are usually amusing.


This is one of my all-time favorite shows. It's got decent action, its damn funny, the main characters are great together, and of course everything is wrapped up nicely in the end.

warehouse 13 

This was like Fringe meets X-files with a funny streak. I liked it. Apparently not to many other people did because it is now canceled.

white collar 

I didn't think I'd like this show, but I gave it a chance. It is entertaining enough. 


This show was pretty cool starting out. It has a very definite formula. The editing is sloppy and everything is over-dramatized. I do like seeing how each restaurant is tweaked in the end.

pressure cook 

This show is just fun.I am always entertained watching this guy try and earn his way home.

three sheets 

Best drinking education show ever!

There are a few other shows I loved to death that got canceled. Boston Legal is one, followed by Dead Zone, Lipstick Jungle, New Amsterdam, John Doe, Firefly, Raines, The Riches, My Own Worst Enemy, My Name is Earl, and Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles

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