Do we really need dignity for the animals we kill to eat?

This is kinda an extension of the pro-farmer rant I just posted. Someone
sent me a story about the chicken "death camp" KFC uses to raise and
slaughter its chickens. KFC processes (according to the protesting web
site) 850 million chickens a year. Anyone have any idea how many freaking
chickens that really is? Wrap your mind around that number, 850 million.
That's like 1 chicken for every Catholic in the world. It's kinda funny
that there are also 850 million people who go hungry every year. Guess there
isn't a KFC near by.

Anyway, so this story was complaing about how none of these chickens have
any dignity before they are killed and eaten. I am curious how much all
this complaining winds up costing the consumer in the end. If its anything
like the auto industry, it costs the consumer alot. It costs like $2000
bucks to produce a car, so why do cars cost so much. Litigation, insurance,
government safety standards. So the question I pose is, how much extra does
chicken diginity wind up costing us?

<img src="">Material &
labor costs fo a few cars.

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