Corn prices are high too...apparently -- Lets start a war with the farmers

As someone who never really buys corn, I couldn't tell you what's the going
price for a cob. However, Forbes and Food Engineering have both told me
that corn prices are super high. As a result, prices of all kinds of other
stuff is going up. Apparently, corn is fed to farm animals. We eat farm
animals in abundence. Granted PETA would take issue with me calling them
farm animals, since farm conjours up a pretty picture. PETA would prefer I
call them death camps. Whatever, as long as its tasty and not too full of
hormones. Back to my point. So since ethonal is made of corn, and there is
a big corn crazy, food like beef, chicken, n eggs are higher priced due to
the rising cost of feed (made out of corn).

So should we start a war with the corn farmers and try to install a faux
government while we beat democracy into them. Oh wait, we are Americans, we
don't care about democracy anymore, just capitalism. Guess we should
through some more subsidies and tax breaks at them instead. Soon farmers
will be screwing us as hard as the oil people are...maybe.

Of course, if America would pay attention, keep property taxes down, highly
restrict eminent domain, buy American veggies n cows, allow for more local
oil drilling, and maybe even wake up to genetically modified veggies that
are easier and cheaper to grow, maybe stuff that comes from farmers wouldn't
be as expensive.

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