Rewiring a new wireless Doorbell to an existing but bigger doorbell speaker

I recently purchased a wireless doorbell from Wallyworld.  I should have been more careful about picking one out.  I bought the 2nd cheapest one available,

I could’ve swore I bought one that had the speaker that plugs into a standard wall outlet and the doorbell buttons were wireless.  Apparently, I did not.  I have one that runs on batteries.

I got it all loaded with batteries and was met with a moderately OK doorbell volume.  I figured it was good enough, but was frustrated it wasn’t louder. 

When I went to mount it, I started to remove the old doorbell, when I realized it was actually an alarm speaker that was wired to the home security system that came with the house.

Then I had a eureka moment. I removed the small speaker from the wireless doorbell, ran speaker wire out the front of it, and spliced it into the speaker that was already mounted to the wall.  I was able to hide the wireless doorbell box behind the wall where the original speaker was mounted.

So I now have a damn loud wireless doorbell for the price of a good sized meal at Wendy’s :)

It does still run off batteries, but when I have some extra time, I may see if the home security system will power it.

If I get really motivated, I may wire the doorbell into the surround sound system.  That way my nosey neighbors will be able to hear when someone rings the doorbell haha.

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