A few movie super quick reviews

I had some rentals I watched while I was sick. In the Electric Mist, it was good. War, Inc; a John Cusack film, kinda a comedy about the mid-east war. Its good, but wierd. I also saw the Other Boleyn Girl. It was good. I expect some nudity and was highly disappointed in that department.

I also watched this documentary galled Into the Tsangpo River. Or something like that. It was about these 7 kayakers that ran the Tsangpo river for the first time. OMG as a kayaker, I was amazed at the water they ran. OH, I also watched this other documentary called The Times of Harvey Milk. It was about the first Gay District leader of San Francisco. It was really really good. If you dont know anything about that guy or even if you know a little, I recommend watching it.

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