A funny reason to vote no on issue 4

I received this email in response to my quick plead to everyone to voteYes on issue 5 and no on issue 4.

On 11/7/06, BAMNOTCHBAM@aol.com wrote: please don't e-mail me your opinions.....you sound like those arrogant comercials......I don't smoke a lot but when I go to a bar I want to be able to drink and smoke and the government should give me that right.....so don't leak your opinions that's why we call them opinions because they should be kept to yourself!!!!

I love that this persons request was followed up by three opinions the last of which is the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard.

Rarely do I ever side with security and comfort over freedom. America's founding fathers might roll over in their graves if they heard of such a freedom reducing notion. However, they also believed that one individual's rights ended where the next individuals rights began. Cigarette smoke challenges both ideas. I am siding with the idea that gives me clean air, the idea that says your right to smoke concludes where my fresh air begins.

If smokers were considerate and used common sense about their habit, we wouldn't need to get the government involved. They don't though. Smoking is the most inconsiderate habit. Smoke goes everywhere, the remains of the cigarette are ashed out on whatever is around and then tossed on the ground or out the car window. Smokers are polluters and litter-bugs.

How about I throw a Pepsi can out of my car window every time I finish one? Maybe I can just throw my cans on the ground anywhere I feel. Maybe I should start burping in everyones face so they can share my habit second-handedly.

Vote yes on 5 and no on 4.

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